Will Ford’s policies really impact Andrew Scheer?

RADIO – CIAO AM 530 Frontline Radio  – Toronto, 13/08/2019 – COMMENTARY.

Host Deepak Punj said that recently he attended an event at Anokhi Restaurant in Brampton. The event was organized to celebrate one year of the restaurant and was attended by many distinguished personalities from the media and the community.

During a discussion about the federal election, many people were of the opinion that Justin Trudeau does not need to do anything to win. Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s policies will make the Liberals win in the federal election.

Punj asked whether Ford’s policies would impact Andrew Scheer and his party in this federal election. Currently, Premier Doug Ford is attending many parties, including backyard parties.  The host asked whether this means he wants to send the message that he is with the public, or, maybe Ford thinks that the Liberals are doing better in Ontario. He said regardless of the reason, the infrastructure in the province needs to be improved.

However, the host does not think that Ford’s policies will have an impact at the federal level for the Conservatives, as federal issues are different from provincial issues. The host said that the Jagmeet Singh factor can have an impact. He said that mainstream media has been writing that Singh failed to carry forward the charisma he had at the provincial level to the federal level.

The host also said that Singh has been receiving opposition from within his party, or maybe Canadians are not ready for a non-white PM candidate.



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