What to expect from Canada’s immigration system in the next few years – Spanish

WEB – El Centro News (Weekly) – Toronto, 31/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Spanish

Rodrigo Díaz M. says the election of a Liberal minority government means the country’s immigration system will probably remain stable while they can maintain Parliament’s confidence. We can expect immigration targets to increase by about 10,000 newcomers a year after 2021. As a result, Canada could aspire to 370,000 immigrants for 2023. All eyes will now be on the Municipal Nominee Program, which the Liberals promised in order to help smaller cities attract more immigrants. In addition, the Liberals’ promise to renounce the costs of obtaining citizenship suggests the already high citizenship application rate will rise even further in the long run. The 2019 election campaign showed that Canada’s main parties share the same essential vision of immigration: welcoming immigrants is essential to the country’s economic development. This position also stems from political calculation: in 2019, it is virtually impossible to succeed in a Canadian federal election without the support of immigrant voters.

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