What Liberal and Conservative parties are offering on immigration – Punjabi

RADIO – Chin FM 91.9 South Asian Pulse (Daily) – Toronto, 26/09/2019 – PHONE IN, Punjabi

A caller asked host Yudhvir Jaswal what the Liberal and Conservative parties are offering with respect to immigration. He said that immigrants are coming to Canada, but he wondered whether we have enough jobs to offer them here. In response, Jaswal said that the immigration policies of both parties are very similar. The Liberals have planned to bring 350,000-400,000 immigrants each year or 1 million immigrants in the next three years. The Conservative Party is also of the same opinion. Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel said that we do not want to go into numbers. However, she also thought of bringing in 350,000-400,000 immigrants each year. The one who is talking differently on immigration is Maxime Bernier. Bernie wants to limit the number of immigrants to 100,000- 150,000 each year. “But, with all due respect, Bernier has very little chances of forming the government.” Jagmeet Singh is not going to bring any major changes as far as immigration is concerned. However, the question still remains whether we’re creating enough jobs for the immigrants who are coming here.



Demonstrators clashed with supporters outside Maxime Bernier’s event in Hamilton – Russian

WEB – Torontovka.com (Daily) – Toronto, 30/09/2019 – NEWS, Russian

Photo: (Justin Mowat/CBC)

A protest outside an event by People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier took a violent turn as demonstrators clashed with supporters and those attending. A fight broke out near the entrance of a hall at Hamilton’s Mohawk College before the talk was set to begin. Demonstrators, some covering part of their faces with bandannas or balaclavas, carried signs that read “White supremacy is terrorism” and “Refugees welcome here.” The event was a roundtable discussion on free speech involving Bernier and American political commentator David Rubin. Speaking to reporters after the event, Bernier lamented the disturbance outside and said his party and his policies are misunderstood. “For me, that was the first experience and I must admit that I didn’t like it. It’s not Canadian,” he said of the epithets hurled by protesters. Bernier has denounced “mass immigration” and “extreme multiculturalism,” and has promised to dramatically reduce the number of immigrants admitted to Canada, saying the country should look after its own citizens first. He has also said climate change does not pose an imminent threat. Bernier, who was greeted with a standing ovation, touched on those positions in a discussion at Mohawk College. Just days after massive climate change rallies took place across the country, Bernier described the issue as a “religion” and said he hoped people would soon “wake up.” A segment of the crowd booed when a moderator mentioned teen activist Greta Thunberg, who spearheaded the movement. Bernier also vowed to repeal the Canadian Multiculturalism Act and promote Canadian culture and values.

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