What can Trudeau do to save Hong Kong? – Chinese

WEB – 51.ca (Daily) – Toronto, 18/08/2019 – NEWS, Chinese.

A group of Hong Kongers living in Halifax published an open letter in The Chronicle Herald and The Coast titled “What Canada can do to help the Hong Kong protesters”. (https://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/what-canada-can-do-to-help-the-hong-kong-protesters/Content?oid=22299410). You Han Jie, the writer of this 51.ca article, found that they raised a few very interesting points, such as denying entry to or denouncing the Canadian citizenship of the Hong Kong officials.

The writer of the 51.ca article wanted to talk about whether Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau has the time, abilities and motivation to meet their demands. Simply put, the writer asked what Trudeau can do to save Hong Kong. The writer thinks that Trudeau doesn’t have time to “save” Hong Kong, with the reason being that the federal election is only a little more than two months away and he is going to be busy with the election. This writer also says that Trudeau has no motive to “save” Hong Kong. This writer noted that Trudeau is already in terrible shape due to the Meng Wanzhou case. This writer noted that Canada-China relations have reached the hardest moment in history, so do you still expect him to add fuel to the fire?

This writer also said that Trudeau is not Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer. The Conservative party leader can say that “we are all Hong Kongers”, because at least for now, Scheer is just an opposition party leader and is not qualified to represent the federal government or Canada.


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