‘We need immigrants’ is the message from Canadian companies to J. Trudeau – Spanish

PRINT – Journal Comercio Latino (Weekly) – Montreal, 17/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Spanish

Eva Rojas says that unlike in the US, where many companies consider immigration to be a threat, Canadian companies widely support Justin Trudeau’s proposal to increase the number of immigrants and refugees allowed in the country each year to approximately 1% of the population. With unemployment at 5.4%, the lowest level since comparable data were published for the first time in 1976, Canada needs workers. A report from June 25 shows that the lack of agricultural workers in the country is costing thousands of dollars and this is expected to increase in the next decade. Despite this fact, some politicians are pressuring to reduce the number of refugees and immigrants who come to Canada every year.


Immigration: The elections will not have a major impact on Canada’s immigration system – Spanish

PRINT – El Centro (Weekly) – Toronto, 20/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Spanish

Rodrigo Díaz M. comments that judging by immigration policies since the late 1980s, when the Conservatives decided to double immigration levels, it is reasonable to infer the main components of the immigration system will remain stable regardless of whether the Tories or Liberals win the next federal election. Both parties are prepared to keep immigration levels high, which suggests funding for settlement services will not be affected in great measure. The Liberals and Conservatives differ on issues like citizenship policy and economic class immigrants versus refugees. For the most part, however, they have much more in common on immigration than one might think. This leads one to believe that the Canadian immigration system will continue in the path it has over the last decades – which have seen the country raise immigration levels and invest in global talent.

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