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RADIO – CHIN AM 1540 Somali (Weekly) – Toronto, 19/10/2019 – COMMENTARY, Somali

Canadians take to the polls on Monday, October 21, 2019. As Somali Canadians, it is of vital importance that Somalis across the country exercise their political right and vote for the most responsible party to run the nation. Questions such as who is for our youth, what is to be done about education, social reform (proper rehabilitation for convicted youths) and immigration are of utmost concern. It is evident what a Conservative leader looks like at the provincial level, in Ontario. Let us not have that painted across the country, at the federal level. The Conservative Party promises to implement stern immigration measures, which is not favourable to Somalis, like extended family members and those awaiting immigration status. Many communities across Ontario have been negatively affected by policy changes under the Conservative government, from healthcare to education. Let us not vote for a party that promises to lay down difficult measures for many communities across Canada, not just Somalis. All those eligible to vote, please do vote on Monday. Polls are open from 9 am to 9 pm. Make sure you know where to vote.



Canadian voting strategy, inconvenience is no longer a reason – Chinese

WEB – Van People (Daily7) – Vancouver, 16/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

Career Engine – October 14 was the last day of advance polls for the Canadian election. For many Chinese Canadians, the various voting guides have caused a great deal of confusion. Many of them do not know how to vote, so they just give up their ballot and do not participate. Elections Canada has sent out 28 million voter cards to eligible voters in advance. If you did not receive one, you should inquire with the agency right away. In the federal election, voters are not directly voting for the next prime minister. A majority government is determined by the number of ridings won by a particular party. In 2019, Canada has a total of 338 ridings, and the party that wins the most seats will become the majority government, and the leader of that party will become the next prime minister. However, many voters choose to give up their right to vote. Due to their lack of participation, many voters get upset with the outcome of the election. The author urges voters to vote so they do not regret it later. Voters can refer to the voter cards for voting location and date. Make sure to bring a piece of photo ID along that proves your address. If the ID does not have a corresponding address, a recent bill or statement may be provided to prove the voter’s identity.


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