Trudeau: will the re-election of Trudeau be a disaster for Canada? – Chinese

WEB – (Daily) – Surrey, 25/09/2019 – COMMENTARY,  Chinese

Gao Du Jian Wen – If you do not punish a leader who has a trail of scandals, if voters “are lenient towards the villains and let them grow,” you must bear the consequences of bad politics. In the absence of dramatic changes, the key to deciding this federal election lies in the neutral voters who have not yet made a decision, or it can be voters who are outside the scope of party support. Many of these people are Chinese immigrants. In this regard, we can put forward some arguments and give some voting recommendations to the neutral voters. The author said that from his standpoint, there are three main reasons why he would not choose Trudeau. First, he believes that a change of party, or political party rotation, will only make things better, not worse. Secondly, he thinks the rotation of political parties is the norm, there is no eternal ruling party. Lastly, the most fundamental principle of political party rotation is to punish bad rulers. Trudeau has already met all the conditions of a bad politician. The author provided details to support his three reasons.

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