Trudeau urges China to be careful in dealing with Hong Kong protestors – Chinese

WEB – Van People – Vancouver, 12/08/2019.


Description: Si Xiayi – On Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned to the press that he is paying close attention to the situation in Hong Kong and urged China to be careful when dealing with protestors. Trudeau said he is calling for a peaceful and orderly dialogue in order to reduce tension. He said he is worried about the events in Hong Kong and urged Chinese authorities to handle the protests in an intelligent manner, as there are many Canadians in Hong Kong.

The relationship between Canada and China has plummeted since the Meng Wanzhou incident and the arrest of the two Canadians. Trudeau has repeatedly condemned China and requested a conversation with the Chinese leader. In addition, he called for global attention to the Canadians’ arrest. The current situation in Hong Kong is very sensitive, and Canada is about to enter a federal election. Many Chinese Canadians are paying close attention to China-Canada relations and the stance taken by the Canadian government on the Hong Kong issue. People do not think that Trudeau’s remarks have helped in easing the tension between China and Canada. 

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