The Hon. David Lametti on ethnic media in Canada

David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, holds one of the most powerful offices in our Government. He visited the TLN Media Group Studios where he had an interview with host Camila González. Minister Lametti shared stories about his immigrant family roots and his thoughts on the role of ethnic media in Canada and optimism about its future. He said access to justice is incredibly important for any community, so that means trying to make sure people have confidence and the ability to use the justice system, and that’s a priority for him as Minister of Justice.

Camila González asks Minister Lametti where he thinks ethnic media would lie within those priorities? He answered that, “I think community media, ethnic media, whatever we want to call it, is critically important to maintain the language. It’s critically important to help promote the common activities that communities undertake. It helps both education on issues but it also becomes a vehicle for educating leaders about issues that are important. It’s a two-way street for issues that are important to cultural communities.”

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