The Ethnic Media on Islamophobia

Another prominent election topic in the ethnic media was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s call to Canadian Muslims to get involved in the elections.

The CHOU 1450 AM Overdose Arabic radio program in Montreal reported that Trudeau encouraged Canadian Muslims to participate in the elections at an annual Eid dinner, which was attended by a number of politicians including the Federal Minister of Immigration and Mayor of Toronto.

Toronto-based Canadian Tamil Radio reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Muslim Conservative Party supporters to get involved in the next election campaign to ensure that the Conservative Party “never again” stokes fear and division against the community, “even though it is going to make my life as Liberal leader a little bit more difficult.”

Regarding Canadian Muslims, twice-monthly Islamic newspaper Al Ameen, published in Surrey, BC, printed an editorial entitled “Canada needs to step up its fight to end Islamophobia”.

The editorial asks if the Trudeau government is waiting for another unfortunate incident like the Quebec City mosque shooting, or a Christchurch-scale tragedy, to strike Canadians Muslims before it decides to act on the National Action plan prepared by a distinguished Liberal Parliamentarian, Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry, to fight Islamophobia and religious discrimination in Canada. According to Al Ameen, it has been 16 months since Parliament’s Heritage Committee, after the Quebec mosque shooting tragedy, published the study on Islamophobia and religious discrimination in Canada for the government.

Al Ameen noted that: “To date, the Trudeau government has failed to respond to all its 30 recommendations. The Trudeau Liberals got their two-minute sound byte as being a pro-Muslim party and Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives got theirs as an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant party. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has already made his position clear. He is Harper 2.0! In February 2019, he had no qualms sharing a podium with white nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim groups. He also failed miserably to recognize Islamophobia, in his initial tweet, shortly after the Christchurch mosque attack in New Zealand.”

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