The ‘boomerang effect’ of Canada’s anti-immigrant billboards in Canada – Spanish

PRINT – Contacto Directo – Vancouver, 06/09/2019 – NEWS, Spanish

The billboards showing an image of PPC leader Maxime Bernier and the slogan ‘Say NO to Mass Immigration’ caused a lot of heated political debate among those in favour of and against immigration. This controversial proposal is a challenge to the basic principles of Canada which has always been proud of being a welcoming and open country for immigrants all over the world. It’s also a political message against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s immigration plans to increase the level of immigrants to 1 million over three years. The official information that was revealed is that the billboards with their nasty, rude and disrespectful announcements against immigrants were launched by third parties linked to Maxime Bernier, who has asked on numerous occasions that mass immigration to Canada be stopped since 350,000 foreigners enter the country each year.

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