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WEB – Pagini Romanesti (Twice Monthly) – Montreal, 30/09/2019 – ARTICLE,  Romanian

Mircea Gheorghe – It would be said, according to the minds of some politicians, that the world in which we live has solved all the important problems, and, as such, we should look for others, however minor, that will ward off the boredom borne of opulence and lack of worries. Old photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were revealed, in his adolescence and youth, dressed as Aladdin, Sinbad, and Harry Belafonte, having painted his face in a dark colour to better resemble them. Trudeau’s political opponents have rubbed their hands with joy. Justin Trudeau, therefore, has despised minorities of colour since adolescence, and what clearer proof is needed than he has painted his face?

In the United States, there is a sharp sensitivity to any manifestation that, from near or far, suggests or could suggest the racist arrogance of White people. However, in Canada, there are no historical roots as conflicting between White people and Black people even if there existed and still exist – as exists everywhere in the world – some reflexes of discrimination. Nonetheless, there has been no civil war and no broad and varied movements of struggle against racial segregation.

Trudeau’s opponents, however, do not get caught up in the nuances. If the Americans do not stand for something like this, how can we Canadians, their neighbours, stand for it? The artificial storm triggered by the Conservative leader and backed by the New Democrat (leader) would be ridiculous if they did not threaten to create a real problem, as the international prestige of the Canadian prime minister has suffered quite seriously. Justin Trudeau addressed Canadian voters and humbly apologized.

Opinions on Trudeau’s disguise are mixed, more frequently in the accusatory sense in Ontario and the rest of Canada, more nuanced and balanced in Quebec, where, rightly speaking, no one treats Trudeau as a racist. The most prevalent criticism of the false problem about Justin Trudeau’s alleged racism comes from the well-known Haitian writer Dany Laferrière in an interview with Radio-Canada. Justin Trudeau did not do what he is being reproached for. First of all, it must be taken into account that he disguised himself as a fictional character. Second, the fact that he painted his face in a dark colour has nothing to do with American black- or brownface. There is nothing offensive and disrespectful in his disguises.

When the face-to-face debates between party leaders begin, we are likely to see Andrew Scheer as a bulldog who does not want to let the bone from his mouth at any cost. He will always come back to Justin Trudeau’s “racist” disguise from his youth. This is what happens when all the important problems of Canadian society have been resolved and when there remains nothing to do.

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