Opinion: Anti-immigration sentiment is rising in Canada as well – voters should not treat the matter lightly – Chinese

WEB – Loving Sister – Toronto, 04/08/2019 – EDITORIAL.

      Yao Yong An – The anti-immigration and racial discrimination sentiments in the United States have become increasingly intense under the instigation of President Trump.  Trump is undoubtedly a racist; his white supremacy feelings make him an ugly person.
In Canada, we also face the same situation. Maxine Bernier, the leader of People’s Party of Canada, recently made a speech and revealed his party platform in Mississauga, which is anti-immigration and has traces of white supremacy. This shocked people because they find discrimination against ethnic minorities and anti-immigration sentiment exists in Canada, and these sentiments are increasing in intensity.
Bernier and Alberta Premier Kenney are former cabinet members of former prime minister Harper. Both of these Conservative Party celebrities have expressed similar anti-immigration sentiments using references to the Fraser Institute’s anti-immigration report. Recently, mainstream media asked Scheer about how many immigrants his Conservative Party platform would accept annually. Scheer has not responded yet. Previously, Kenney’s and the Conservative Party’s anti-immigration policies include Bill C-24. The immigration applications that were “sliced away” by the Conservative government were mostly those of coloured people from China and India. On the other hand, Kenney opened the back door to White countries and used the Canadian international work experience work visa to accept a lot of White people to Canada – up to 100,000 people per year.
In recent years, the Conservative party has vigorously advocated anti-refugee remarks and condemned legitimate asylum seekers as illegals. Conservative MPs even blame all the immigration and tourism visa issues on cross-border asylum seekers when they speak before Parliament. 
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