Old photo surfaces of Trudeau in blackface – Spanish

RADIO – CHIN 91.9 FM Spanish  – Toronto, 19/09/2019 – COMMENTARY, Spanish

  Image credit: Dimensh at https://imgbin.com, text provided by diversityvotes.ca


Silvia Mendez, Fabian Merlo – An old photo of Justin Trudeau with his face painted dark has emerged, causing a political storm. It was taken in 2001 at a party when he was a teacher at a school in Vancouver and it has appeared in the midst of the election campaign. Radio host Fabian Merlo said that one can draw many conclusions from this, some more informed than others. He said there are people who are a lot more evolved than us and they regard this as a big insult. For example, there has been a lot of criticism in recent years against people who dress up as someone of another race or religion during Halloween because it’s seen as a lack of respect.

Radio host Silvia Mendez said it’s a complicated subject since in the end they are just colours and one colour isn’t better than another. She said it’s a bad take-off because in 2001 Justin Trudeau didn’t know he was going to be prime minister. Fabian Merlo said your past condemns you. Silvia Mendez said it’s like the situation with Andrew Scheer’s past comment on gay marriage, because it’s what Trudeau and Scheer thought years ago. The problem is only if that’s what you continue to think today. Fabian Merlo said what happened with Trudeau is not like sexual assault, which is an example of something that does not get pardoned as time passes. If your uncle sexually abused you 30 years ago, and you denounce him today, the police will come for him if there is sufficient evidence. Fabian Merlo asked if we should be placing Trudeau’s blackface 18 years ago on the same level as a sexual assault.

Silviz Mendez said she better not run for prime minister in the future because there is an old photo of her dressed as Robert Smith from The Cure, and it could be said she is making fun of the British. Silvia Mendez wonders how long a photo should haunt someone, although this of course doesn’t excuse Trudeau. Fabian Merlo said all this brings up the big philosophical debate of whether we can condemn the different moral and life conceptions of the past through the lens of today.

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