Many Chinese people actually support the political party that wants to cut Canada’s immigration quota by 70%? – Chinese

WEB – yorkbbs – Toronto, 17/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese


An article from Mei Jia Bi Du (Canada and U.S. must read) was found on yorkbbs. The article commented on People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier’s announcement of the People’s Party’s immigration policy outline. If the People’s Party gets elected and can form government, then Canada’s immigration numbers will be lowered to between 100,000 and 150,000 per year, which would be far lower than the Liberal government’s plans to reach 340,000 by 2020. This means that the annual immigration quota that Bernier is calling for is a reduction of up to 70% when compared to the current Canadian government’s quota. It’s very interesting that the People’s Party has attracted a considerable amount of support from Chinese Canadians. In fact, in the past few years, from opposition to the Ontario sex ed curriculum, to anti-immigration and refugee protests triggered by the Marrisa Shen case, to opposition to resettling refugees in Markham, the anti-immigration and anti-progressive voices of Chinese immigrants are quite loud.


Next month, there may be big changes to the immigration policies. What should Chinese immigrants care about?

WEB – yorkbbs – Toronto, 14/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

An article from BCbay(.com) was found on yorkbbs. The article reported on a Chinese immigration intermediary firm’s analysis saying the Liberal Party has always been open to immigration. It was noted in this article that the Liberal Party’s policy agenda has to do with lowering the immigration threshold, and increasing immigration numbers. According to the immigration intermediary firm’s analysis, if the Liberal Party continues to be in office, it would be the best news for Chinese people who plan to immigrate to Canada. When a different political party takes office, it oftentimes would introduce new immigration policies. Historically, the Conservative government also likes to make changes to the immigration policy. The immigration intermediary firm thinks that if the Conservative Party were to take office, then immigration policies will most likely be tightened, and it will be harder to immigrate.

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