Liberal backbencher accuses his own government of ‘pandering’ to Sikh separatists – Cantonese

TV – Fairchild TV British Columbia (Daily7) – Vancouver, 03/09/2019 – News, Cantonese 

Image – 5AAB/Facebook

National Post’s Tom Blackwell’s story on South Asia-related politics again causing turbulence for the Liberal government is reported on Cantonese TV in Vancouver. One of the community’s MPs, Ramesh Sangha, who represents Ontario’s Brampton Centre riding charges that the Liberal party has been “pandering” to Sikh separatists, threatening Canada’s relations with India in the process. Sangha delivered the surprising critique of his caucus colleagues during a recent Punjabi-language television interview with 5AAB TV host Kulwinder Singh Chhina on YouTube. His comments revive an issue that has been an irritant for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for more than two years, flaring up during his ill-fated tour of India last year. Indian officials have previously accused the Liberals of trying to win favour with Canadians pushing for an independent Sikh homeland — known as Khalistan — in the Punjab region of India. Punjab’s state governor even charged that Trudeau’s four Sikh cabinet ministers are Khalistanis. They have strenuously denied the accusation. “There is no doubt, there cannot be two opinions that the Liberal party is pandering (to) Khalistan supporters,” Sangha said in the interview on 5AAB, a Punjabi-language channel based in Mississauga, Ont. “One thing is for sure, when we raise this issue, it will raise an anti-India slogan or demand the division of India on some ground. In that, ultimately our relations, the Canada-India relationship will certainly develop cracks.” The interviewer asked if he thought the party had a “soft corner” for Khalistanis. “It does,” he responded. But Sangha seemed to place the blame on those Sikh Canadian cabinet ministers and other MPs, noting that Trudeau himself has made clear he supports the status quo in India.

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