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WEB – Van People (Daily) – Vancouver, 21/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

Wang Luo – This year, Canada and China’s relationship has been the tensest it has ever been in history. Canadian pork, canola, and soybean exports to China have all been impacted. All federal party leaders mentioned very little about China and Hong Kong on the campaign trail. Incumbent prime minister and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau said he will be adopting a careful attitude to approach the relationship with China.

With Hong Kong demonstrations continuing to escalate, Canada is seeing “pro-Hong Kong” organizations asking federal party leaders to express their stance on the situation. Prior to voting, the organizations posted report cards for each leader on their Facebook page, and a summary of each parties’ stance on the Hong Kong situation. The organizations hope to encourage the 300,000 Hong Kong Canadians to cast their vote for the leader and party who stands with Hong Kong.

In the report summary, it shows that the Liberal Party shows the weakest response to the Hong Kong situation. Justin Trudeau made no mentions of China or Hong Kong during his campaign. Under Trudeau’s leadership, Canadian exports have faced challenges with China customs. Even though his attitude towards China has been more modest, he still pointed fingers many times on issues involving China. In August, he suddenly showed concerns for Hong Kong, and asked the Chinese government to be careful.

In a recent debate in Markham, Liberal candidate Alan Ho and Conservative candidate Bob Saroya said they support human rights and free speech. There are approximately 1.77 million Chinese Canadians, and most of them are located in Ontario. Political candidates are mostly Hong Kong immigrants. However, there has been an increase of mainland Chinese immigrants, as well as Taiwanese Chinese immigrants, participating in politics.

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