Indians trying to influence Canadian voters – Punjabi

RADIO – CHTO AM 1690 Hulchul Radio (Daily) – Toronto, 09/10/2019 – PHONE IN, Punjabi

A caller said that Akhand Paths (continuous recitation of sacred religious texts in Sikhism) are being organized in Punjab, India for the victory of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party in federal elections. Some people even say that anyone who votes for the NDP or any other party will be considered traitors. Host Sandip Bhatti said that he also heard about Akhand Paths urging voting for and supporting Trudeau. At the time of the election in India, the Indian community in Canada called on people in India to vote for a specific party or candidates of our choice. We even visit India to help them in their elections. When we interfere to influence voters in India, the people in India can also try to interfere in Canadian elections.

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