Garnett Genuis talks at Radio FM – Punjabi

RADIO – Red FM 106.7 Good Morning Calgary – Calgary, 22/08/2019 – PHONE IN,  Punjabi

Source: @GarnetGenuis

On the phone with Radio Calgary, Garnett Genuis, Conservative MP for Sherwood Park and deputy critic for foreign affairs, said the denial of the meeting demanded by the Conservative Party to allow ethics commissioner Mario Dion to present his report on the SNC-Lavalin affair is just an another example of the cover up. He said that the ethics committee has also expressed frustration that cabinet confidence was not waived. Genuis further said that the ethics commissioner was also refused the ability to testify publicly on his report.

So the people should be asking what the government has to hide here, and if they really thought they had done the right thing. The people will ask themselves a question when they will go for polls in October: “Do they want a government with a prime minister who breaks the law?” Or, “Do they want a different government which sends a clear message that this kind of behaviour will not be acceptable for Canada?” added Genuis. When asked about his next course of action on this issue, Genuis said that we will make the case to Canadians during the federal elections that these types of Liberal scandals should not be endorsed with their votes and we will also make the case that the Liberals’ focus on covering up for themselves has distracted them from actually focusing on the interests of Canadians.

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