From The Canadian Global Affairs Institute – Check Out This New Election Resource From CGAI Fellow Andrew Griffith

Diversity Votes: Matching ridings with ethnic media to increase civic knowledge and participation

CGAI Fellow Andrew Griffith has been working with MIREMS (Multilingual International Research in Ethnic Media Services) to match riding level demographic and socio-economic data with insights from ethnic media.


Their objectives are:

  • More in-depth understanding of riding characteristics, and how these interact with electoral strategies;
  • Wider awareness of how national and local issues are portrayed in community and regional ethnic media to increase accountability of ethnic-oriented media strategies;
  • Allow for more informed discussion regarding ethnic voting patterns and issues; and,
  • Greater responsibility of candidates and political parties of their messaging to different groups. launched this week, a fully interactive website that combines this riding level data with stories and commentaries from ethnic media to fill the gaps in understanding between Canada’s diverse communities, the media they listen to, read and watch, and how that can affect how they cast their ballot in the upcoming federal election.

The website is focussing on ridings with the largest number of visible minorities: 41 where visible minorities are the majority, 93 where they form more than 20 percent, with significant pockets of five to 20 percent in another 95 ridings.

We invite you to check out Look up your riding and explore the data. Check the ethnic media headlines and articles. Read the blogs, articles and background.

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