Federal election less than two months away – Korean

PRINT – CNDreams – Calgary, 23/08/2019 – COLUMN – Korean

Canadian voters pick three major issues for the federal election: job creation, healthcare and climate change. Forty-two percent of voters define climate change as a national disaster and 70% support the Green New Deal, aiming to increase green energy use. Although the carbon tax imposed by the Liberals is a political hot potato, voters are likely to ask more questions regarding climate change in the election.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said, “Carbon tax can’t stop wildfires in Alberta and BC”, but forest experts warn that climate change makes wildfires happen more often, widely and fiercely. However, right-wing populism, which underestimates the threat of climate change, is coming to the front of global politics and Canada is no exception.

Followed by the US and Europe, the Conservatives in Canada are likely to win the federal election because the economy and jobs are a priority for voters and would pave the way for right-wing populism to thrive. The Conservatives misguide people to believe that pipelines can create jobs and they ignore the economic potential of green energy, transition policies and the disastrous effects of climate change as a whole. The best strategy to fight right-wing populism is not wishy-washy liberalism, but having a social democratic party which can bravely and confidently deal with issues such as climate change, an unstable economy and worsening inequality.

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