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WEB – Pagini Romanesti (Twice Monthly) – Montreal, 22/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Romanian

Gabriel Purcarus – Not surprisingly, none of the parties in the (election) race managed to get the 170 seats necessary to form a majority government. The Conservative Party’s results were insufficient to overtake the Liberals, due to the fact that the Conservative vote is usually more concentrated in the central provinces, while the Liberal supporters are more evenly spread throughout the country.

The Greens, led by Elizabeth May, have reached three MPs, for the first time in history, proof that the climate issue is one of the topics that most concerns Canadians. The result can be interpreted in a number of ways but one thing is certain: despite clumsiness in governance and scandals that were more or less serious (such as the fact that Trudeau painted his face black 20 years ago or that he tried to influence the outcome of a judicial inquiry), Canadians do not hate him enough to show him the exit door.

Andrew Scheer was unable to convince that he was the leader that Canada needs, his campaign being too focused on Trudeau’s errors and not on proposing serious solutions to issues of concern to Canadian citizens. Experience shows that minority governments last between 18-24 months, so let’s get ready to go to the polls again in the fall of 2021. Until then, each party will have to review their strategies, because it is clear that none of them managed to be fully convincing this time.

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