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WEB – Chinese Readers (Weekly) – Vancouver, 13/10/2019 – NEWS, Chinese

Jia Xi Wang (westca.com) reported that during the federal election, in addition to various parties exposing some scandals involving the opponents, there is also often misleading information in campaign debates or ads. The Vancouver Sun published an article that exposed the Conservative Party for running Chinese ads on Facebook, and it is suspected of using fake news to mislead Chinese voters. The ad read: “(Liberal Leader Justin) Trudeau has already legalized marijuana, he now plans to legalize hard drugs! If you want to get the latest in Chinese, please press Like on our Facebook page.” However, the Liberal Party did not bring up the legalization of drugs, it only brought up decriminalization, and even included references to the Portuguese model. The Conservatives are denying a deliberate attempt to confuse voters by using “decriminalization” and “legalization” interchangeably.

[consultant note: the Conservative Party attack ad was found on 51.ca on the home page and every single article today]


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