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What can Trudeau do to save Hong Kong? – Chinese

WEB – (Daily) – Toronto, 18/08/2019 – NEWS, Chinese.

A group of Hong Kongers living in Halifax published an open letter in The Chronicle Herald and The Coast titled “What Canada can do to help the Hong Kong protesters”. ( You Han Jie, the writer of this article, found that they raised a few very interesting points, such as denying entry to or denouncing the Canadian citizenship of the Hong Kong officials.

The writer of the article wanted to talk about whether Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau has the time, abilities and motivation to meet their demands. Simply put, the writer asked what Trudeau can do to save Hong Kong. The writer thinks that Trudeau doesn’t have time to “save” Hong Kong, with the reason being that the federal election is only a little more than two months away and he is going to be busy with the election. This writer also says that Trudeau has no motive to “save” Hong Kong. This writer noted that Trudeau is already in terrible shape due to the Meng Wanzhou case. This writer noted that Canada-China relations have reached the hardest moment in history, so do you still expect him to add fuel to the fire?

This writer also said that Trudeau is not Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer. The Conservative party leader can say that “we are all Hong Kongers”, because at least for now, Scheer is just an opposition party leader and is not qualified to represent the federal government or Canada.

Attacking Conservatives via Doug Ford – South Asian English

PRINT – Asian Connections – Mississauga, 09/08/2019 – View Point.

Sukhpreet Singh Giani – With the federal election less than three months away, federal leaders who are known for addressing causes that affect Canadians all across the country are now focusing on attacking the leaders at the provincial government. At a rallying speech to Liberal candidates in Ottawa, the Prime Minister set the tone for the coming election campaign. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau preferred to attack Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Despite pledging to rise above partisan attacks and “the politics of fear and division,” Trudeau spent a large part of his speech criticizing Conservative politicians and warning that a Conservative government would mean only cuts and austerity. He brought back former prime minister Stephen Harper, and drew a comparison with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and said that Andrew Scheer has never seemed to mind being referred to as “Harper with a smile.”

But it was Ford, neither Harper not Scheer, who seemed to be top of mind for the Prime Minister and many of the Liberals in attendance. His attack on Doug Ford and hence on the Conservatives, was sharp. He said, “In October, Canadians will have a clear choice to make: cuts and austerity or investing in Canadians,” while addressing Liberal candidates assembled in Ottawa. Doug Ford’s mantra of being “for the people” to “cutting down” would be a focus area. The Liberals are going to take on the Conservatives via Doug Ford. Will it deliver the results for the Liberals?

Will Ford’s policies really impact Andrew Scheer?

RADIO – CIAO AM 530 Frontline Radio  – Toronto, 13/08/2019 – COMMENTARY.

Host Deepak Punj said that recently he attended an event at Anokhi Restaurant in Brampton. The event was organized to celebrate one year of the restaurant and was attended by many distinguished personalities from the media and the community.

During a discussion about the federal election, many people were of the opinion that Justin Trudeau does not need to do anything to win. Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s policies will make the Liberals win in the federal election.

Punj asked whether Ford’s policies would impact Andrew Scheer and his party in this federal election. Currently, Premier Doug Ford is attending many parties, including backyard parties.  The host asked whether this means he wants to send the message that he is with the public, or, maybe Ford thinks that the Liberals are doing better in Ontario. He said regardless of the reason, the infrastructure in the province needs to be improved.

However, the host does not think that Ford’s policies will have an impact at the federal level for the Conservatives, as federal issues are different from provincial issues. The host said that the Jagmeet Singh factor can have an impact. He said that mainstream media has been writing that Singh failed to carry forward the charisma he had at the provincial level to the federal level.

The host also said that Singh has been receiving opposition from within his party, or maybe Canadians are not ready for a non-white PM candidate.

Trudeau urges China to be careful in dealing with Hong Kong protestors – Chinese

WEB – Van People – Vancouver, 12/08/2019.

Description: Si Xiayi – On Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned to the press that he is paying close attention to the situation in Hong Kong and urged China to be careful when dealing with protestors. Trudeau said he is calling for a peaceful and orderly dialogue in order to reduce tension. He said he is worried about the events in Hong Kong and urged Chinese authorities to handle the protests in an intelligent manner, as there are many Canadians in Hong Kong.

The relationship between Canada and China has plummeted since the Meng Wanzhou incident and the arrest of the two Canadians. Trudeau has repeatedly condemned China and requested a conversation with the Chinese leader. In addition, he called for global attention to the Canadians’ arrest. The current situation in Hong Kong is very sensitive, and Canada is about to enter a federal election. Many Chinese Canadians are paying close attention to China-Canada relations and the stance taken by the Canadian government on the Hong Kong issue. People do not think that Trudeau’s remarks have helped in easing the tension between China and Canada. 

Andrew Scheer and Conservatives promise increase in mental health and homecare funding – Punjabi

Source:  PRINT – Canadian Punjabi Post – Toronto, 12/08/2019.

Description: It is very unfortunate that Trudeau’s Liberals deliberately tried to misguide members of the Canadian Punjabi Post about Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s healthcare services funding increase. Canadians, specially Bramptonians, need to depend on stable and predictable healthcare funding. Hence, in a letter to provincial and territorial premiers, Scheer pledged that a Conservative government would increase health transfers and the social transfer by at least three per cent every year.

However, for Liberal MP Sonia Sidhu and other Liberal politicians, this is a misinformation and should not be believed. In 2015, the Liberals made several promises, including to help the middle class, but they increased taxes for 80% of middle class families. The Liberals brought in the carbon tax, which made home heating, gas and groceries more expensive. If the Liberals form the government again, these taxes can sky rocket. Now, the Liberals are scared under Trudeau’s leadership and are telling lies to remain in power.

Trudeau’s Liberals have disappointed Canadians and can’t be given another chance. On the other hand, Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives will protect public services and will leave more money in Canadians’ pockets so that their families can move on.

Opinion: Anti-immigration sentiment is rising in Canada as well – voters should not treat the matter lightly – Chinese

WEB – Loving Sister – Toronto, 04/08/2019 – EDITORIAL.

      Yao Yong An – The anti-immigration and racial discrimination sentiments in the United States have become increasingly intense under the instigation of President Trump.  Trump is undoubtedly a racist; his white supremacy feelings make him an ugly person.
In Canada, we also face the same situation. Maxine Bernier, the leader of People’s Party of Canada, recently made a speech and revealed his party platform in Mississauga, which is anti-immigration and has traces of white supremacy. This shocked people because they find discrimination against ethnic minorities and anti-immigration sentiment exists in Canada, and these sentiments are increasing in intensity.
Bernier and Alberta Premier Kenney are former cabinet members of former prime minister Harper. Both of these Conservative Party celebrities have expressed similar anti-immigration sentiments using references to the Fraser Institute’s anti-immigration report. Recently, mainstream media asked Scheer about how many immigrants his Conservative Party platform would accept annually. Scheer has not responded yet. Previously, Kenney’s and the Conservative Party’s anti-immigration policies include Bill C-24. The immigration applications that were “sliced away” by the Conservative government were mostly those of coloured people from China and India. On the other hand, Kenney opened the back door to White countries and used the Canadian international work experience work visa to accept a lot of White people to Canada – up to 100,000 people per year.
In recent years, the Conservative party has vigorously advocated anti-refugee remarks and condemned legitimate asylum seekers as illegals. Conservative MPs even blame all the immigration and tourism visa issues on cross-border asylum seekers when they speak before Parliament. 

Toward the vote, electoral campaign fails to take off – Italian

Corriere Canadese  – Toronto, 06/08/2019.    Francesco Veronesi – Employment, immigration, foreign trade and the environment are among the major questions that should characterize the current federal election campaign. Until now, however, the debate has centred on trivial issues like squabbling between the Tories and Liberals over the Canadian Food Guide and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s criticism of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s failure to take part in the Vancouver Pride Parade. In Francesco Veronesi’s opinion, the destiny of a country is not decided by the participation in or boycott of the Pride Parade. Hopefully as the election draws nearer, the political debate will take a leap forward in terms of quality.

Ottawa is concerned about the anchor baby trend – Chinese

Web – Sing Tao Vancouver, 03/08/2019.

As the federal election approaches, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen accepted this paper’s interview and reviewed what the federal immigration system has achieved under the leadership of the current government, as well as measures in response to problems with immigration and refugee affairs. In terms of non-resident pregnant women coming to give birth in Canada, Hussen thinks that when looking at the numbers, the present situation does not pose too much of a problem. The immigration department has been paying close attention to this matter. One solution is to crack down on illegal immigration consultants who mislead applicants.

Canada won’t reschedule election because of Sukkot – Russian

Knopka – Toronto, 30/07/2019 – Russian

Canada is not changing the date of its national election even though it falls on a Jewish holiday. Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault announced that he would not recommend changing the date, which coincides with the last days of Sukkot. Chani Aryeh-Bain, the Conservative candidate for the Toronto-area district of Eglinton—Lawrence, was the first to talk about the problem.

Jewish organizations also proposed changing the date of the election. They claimed that holding elections on October 21, one of the last days of the Sukkot holiday, when observant Jews are prohibited from working, travelling, or performing a variety of tasks, including voting, discriminates against observant Canadian Jews. Perrault said he is committed to working with the Jewish community to “maximize voting options.” Most likely, Orthodox Jews will be allowed to vote in advance. The article says that despite some criticism, many Canadians reacted positively to the decision not to reschedule the election because of Sukkot. In their opinion, religion should not interfere with the conduct of the national election.

Muslim vote matters

At no time in Canadian political history is it truer than now, that the power of a Muslim Vote Bank could determine whether a party will form the government or sit in the opposition benches. We must acknowledge the politician who really gave meaning to the power of the Muslim vote – Jack Layton. The second politician who also deserves almost equal credit for giving meaning to the Muslim Vote Bank in Canada is our current Prime Minister, Honourable, Justin Trudeau. Ultimately, in 2015, he won the hearts and minds of Canadian Muslim voters.

The one party, however, that is still spinning its wheels in gaining any ground due to its own excess baggage from the Harper era’s divisive anti-Muslim agenda is the so-called Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). Then again, what can one expect from a so-called “CPC”. After all, it is just another fancy name for a repackaged Reform Party of Canada. It seems as if there is a serious lack of intelligence that reigns in the CPC elections planning and strategy department. They are unable to realize that they need to abandon their divisive approach and their anti-Muslim rhetoric.

If Mr. Andrew Scheer and his repackaged Reform Party’s best tool in their tool box is not to come across as an Islamophobic Party, then the only thing we could say is “good luck” – you will most certainly need it. Hopefully sanity will prevail at CPC and maybe after losing several elections some wise guy in CPC’s strategy department will realize that their best chance for forming government is to become a pro-Muslim party like the Liberals.

al Ameen, Surrey, 17/07/2019 – EDITORIAL