Ethnic media spotlight on Bernier


People’s Party of Canada Leader Bernier kicks off campaign – Chinese

WEB – – Toronto, 27/08/2019 – COMMENTARY,  Chinese

Radio Canada International’s Wu Wei says that in this upcoming federal election, it might be tough for Bernier to win in his home riding, because his Conservative party rival is popular. One of Bernier’s campaign promises is to lower the number of immigrants Canada accepts to between 100,000 and 150,000 per year. His riding’s reaction to this is mixed. On one hand, local residents don’t have experience getting along with immigrants, and many people don’t like the intake of immigrants and refugees. However, on the other hand, labour shortages in this region are getting increasingly serious and there’s a need to attract foreign labour.

Bernier said that his party is the alternative option that conservative Canadians have long waited for. One commenter agrees with the People’s Party’s idea, but still has to vote for the Conservative Party. Otherwise, this commenter thinks that if the Potato (Trudeau) Liberals don’t fall, then everyone will suffer. Another commenter’s top priority for this year is to vote for the Conservative party. This commenter says that making Potato (Trudeau) step down is a top priority. This commenter says four years later, if Prime Minister Scheer’s Conservative Party makes no reform efforts and falls into political correctness involving diversity and inclusiveness, then this commenter would vote for the People’s Party. This commenter thinks that things can only be accomplished if one dares to toss out political correctness.


The West is yelling at Chinese people to go back, anti-immigrant advertisement shows up publicly, Canada has already turned to the right – Chinese

WEB – – Vancouver, 24/08/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

Since Trump was elected, American populism has been gaining popularity. The heavy colours of anti-globalism and high-level nationalism can be detected everywhere. Now, this demonic wind has blown into Canada. Racism and anti-immigration sentiment are making people very worried. On August 23, a Chinese mother and daughter’s car was hit by a Caucasian woman in Richmond, BC. This woman not only did not apologize, she made some extremely aggressive racial discriminatory comments such as “go back to China where you belong, you…China lady.” She used very repulsive language. This incident was recorded on video and posted on Wechat. The police has intervened in this incident.

Recently, an anti-immigration message was used as a slogan by a Canadian political party. A billboard that features “say no to mass immigration” is calling on people to vote for the People’s Party of Canada. A lot of people wonder why this billboard was approved; it is blatant racial discrimination. The PPC said they are not involved in the installation of the billboard and the billboard is not a PCC advertisement. It was proposed by a third party. The billboard shows that the advertisement was paid by True North Strong and Free Advertising Corp. This company submitted interim financial returns with Elections Canada that show it spent nearly $60,000 on the billboard. This billboard is featured in Vancouver, Ottawa and Winnipeg.


Panneaux retirés : Bernier blâme une « meute gauchiste totalitaire » – Haitian

RADIO – CPAM 1410 AM – Reveil Matin – Montreal, 27/08/2019 – NEWS, French

Pierre Emmanuel:  Maxime Bernier blâme une « meute gauchiste totalitaire » pour la décision de retirer des panneaux publicitaires faisant la promotion de sa position controversée en matière d’immigration. M. Bernier a déclaré que le seuil de 350 000 immigrants que le Canada accepte chaque année devrait être réduit. La plateforme de son parti indique que cela fait gonfler les prix des logements et incite les autres partis politiques à utiliser l’immigration de masse comme un moyen d’acheter des voix chez les communautés d’immigrants.

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