Ethnic Media on the road to where? – Portuguese

PRINT – Milenio Stadium (Weekly) – Toronto, 06/09/2019 – COLUMN, English

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In his regular column, Vincent Black asks what does ethnic media really mean, especially these days with most people getting their news from social media outlets. Even all major ethnic groups get their news and updates from apps that are associated with their country of origin. So, does having ethnic media platforms in this city make any sense, especially with all the competition that is out there? The answer is a resounding YES… The major difference with having local ethnic media with a global touch is that it keeps you connected in real time and grounded. In the author’s opinion, media organizations are struggling to grasp the cultural diversity of rapidly evolving Canadian cities. They are using outdated language and concepts to engage with the realities of multiculturalism, diversity and cultural identity. The gap which they have created is being filled by ethnic newspapers, which are booming at the cost of the mainstream. Ethnic media seems to be fulfilling all the needs of many newcomers. Mainstream newspapers are becoming irrelevant to a large chunk of our population. By not having diversity in the newsroom, the mainstream is missing out on stories which would be of interest to newcomers, so they move elsewhere. It seems that ethnic media is doing a better job on reporting than the mainstream media outlets. This momentum is catching on and these ethnic markets have excelled thus far. The future to do even better is unlimited. The rise of the ethnic media is inevitable.

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