Ethnic Media Election Coverage (15-22 June 2019)

Ethnic Media Coverage

For the first week of, 61 election-related articles were analysed.

Chinese and Indo-Canadian ethnic media dominated articles surveyed (44 and 21 percent respectively. The chart below provides the breakdown by different media sources.

Major news items such as various polls on party preference, the Nanos poll on the importance of ethnics as an election issue, CPC leader Andrew Scheer’s climate change speech and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s unveiling of the NDP platform were covered.

The announcement was covered in Tamil, South Asian English and Urdu media.

Candidate nominations in a number of ridings were mentioned as were announcement by MPs who were not running (Liberal Geng Tan, Don Valley North) or running (Liberal Dominic LeBlanc, Beauséjour). Korean media noted six Korean Canadian candidates. Italian Canadian media covered the disappointment by some that a non-Italian Canadian was nominated in Saint-Léonard Saint-Michel.

Other issues covered included:

• PM announcement during Italian heritage month that the government would make a formal apology for the treatment of Italian Canadians during World War 2 (Italian)

• Possible changes to immigration should the Conservatives win (Korean);

• The Engage Canada anti-CPC ad during the NBA finals, the Canada Proud demonstration, Liberal insiders worries about PM Trudeau’s continued leadership and the plastics announcement (Chinese);

• The government announcement for its first-time home buyers program (Russian)

• Complaints by CPC candidates in Eglinton-Lawrence and York Centre regarding discrimination against orthodox Jews regarding election day falling on Shemini Atzeret and most advance polls taking place on the Jewish Sabbath (Russian);

• The government funding announcement regarding flood prevention measures in Toronto (Russian); and,

• Conservative MP Pierre Poilivre’s criticism of Elections Canada for being “too soft” on the Liberals for SNC Lavalin donations (Tamil).

Quebec-based media noted Liberal attack ads and media blitz in the province.

Analysis and commentary noted the impact of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s unpopularity is having on the federal Conservatives, with one commentary on the lack of realism of the NDP platform and another favouring more conservative economic policies.

Story of the week:

Canadian federal elections fall on Shemini Atzeret: lawsuit filed – Russian

Chani Aryeh-Bain, the Conservative Party candidate for the Toronto-area district of Eglington-Lawrence, and voter Ira Walfish of York Centre, also a Toronto-area district, filed a lawsuit claiming that the election date discriminates against observant Canadian Jews. The holiday of Shemini Atzeret this year falls on Election Day, October 21, which will prevent observant Jews from voting. Of the four days of preliminary voting, three days fall on other Jewish holidays or a Shabbat. The lawsuit was filed last week in a federal court and asks to postpone the election date to October 28. According to Canadian Jewish News, both districts are currently represented by MPs from the Liberal Party, who defeated conservative Jewish candidates in the last election. The 2008 Canadian federal elections were held on the first day of Sukkot. “There should have been no need for this litigation,” said Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “The Chief Electoral Officer has the discretion to shift election day to avoid ‘a day of cultural or religious significance’ under Section 56.2(1) of the Elections Act, but he has inexplicably failed to take that entirely logical step.” Shemini Atzeret is celebrated at the end of the Sukkot week-long celebration.

Kandskaya Panorama – Toronto, 16/06/2019

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