Ethnic Media Election Coverage 13-20 July 2019

While Chinese in the chart of ethnic media coverage refers to written media, Cantonese and Mandarin to broadcast oral media, summarized as Chinese media except where indicated.

Ethnic Media Coverage

For the past week of, 114 election-related articles were analyzed.

Chinese and South Asian ethnic media dominated articles surveyed (51 and 31 percent respectively). The relatively greater share of Chinese media reflected extensive coverage of former minister and ambassador McCallum’s ill-advised comments on caving in to Chinese government demands regarding the extradition case of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou (over 25 percent of all articles surveyed, including in non-Chinese ethnic media: Arabic, Filipino, Polish, Punjabi, and South Asian English). The decision by the government to delay deciding on the use of Huawei in 5G networks was also noted in Chinese media.

The chart below provides the breakdown by different media sources.

General election coverage (campaign issues and polling data) formed an additional 25 percent of the stories covered. A number of these picked up on the possible negative impact of Ontario Premier Ford on CPC prospects in Ontario (Chinese and Hindi media). Other issues covered by more than one media source include:

  • Leader coverage: While PM Trudeau was covered more extensively (Chinese, Punjabi and Spanish media), CPC leader Scheer’s outreach to Korean and Chinese Canadians was covered in more depth (Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Muslim), with NDP leader Singh’s Quebec “road trip” gaining some coverage (Chinese, Punjabi).
  • Possible foreign interference in the election beyond McCallum’s remarks was covered in Chinese, Punjabi, Gujarati, South Asian English, and Polish media.
  • The Samara study on the weaknesses of party nomination processes was covered in Chinese and Tamil media.
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