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RADIO – CHIN 91.9 FM Spanish (Daily) – Toronto, 15/10/2019 – COMMENTARY, Spanish

Silvia Mendez, Eric Sifuentes – Radio host Eric Sifuentes said that many people were surprised that the advance voting polls were open on Thanksgiving Monday, but a lot of people did vote. It was a historic day in terms of voter participation, with a 25% higher voter turnout than in 2015. Sifuentes said it’s a close election and no one knows what’s going to happen on October 21.

Radio host Silvia Mendez said that people are saying it’s time to assemble together because more is more. She noted that red doesn’t go so badly with orange after all on the colour wheel. Sifuentes said that orange has made a romantic overture to red in order to form a coalition and prevent blue from winning. Trudeau and Singh tried to avoid commenting further on this on Monday. Sifuentes added that we will see if journalists keep asking about this on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives and Liberals are neck and neck in the polls. Silvia Mendez called upon Latinos to get out in a large bloc and vote. Sifuentes said that unfortunately the Latino community doesn’t vote and that voting doesn’t matter enough to Latinos. The Latino community doesn’t have the same level of voter participation as other communities. According to Sifuentes, this is partially why some things are missing for the Latino community, such as representation in Parliament.

Silvia Mendez said that Latinos who live in Canada, but who are not citizens and therefore cannot vote, can participate in other ways like supporting candidates by door knocking and discussing issues within the community. Sifuentes said that for the community who gets up at 4am to work long hours to get ahead and be strong, people need to take this seriously and participate. Sifuentes hears a deafening silence from many people in his community, while other people say it doesn’t interest them. However, Silvia Mendez has faith in the Latino vote and that they are going to make a difference.

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