What Liberal and Conservative parties are offering on immigration – Punjabi

RADIO – Chin FM 91.9 South Asian Pulse (Daily) – Toronto, 26/09/2019 – PHONE IN, Punjabi

A caller asked host Yudhvir Jaswal what the Liberal and Conservative parties are offering with respect to immigration. He said that immigrants are coming to Canada, but he wondered whether we have enough jobs to offer them here. In response, Jaswal said that the immigration policies of both parties are very similar. The Liberals have planned to bring 350,000-400,000 immigrants each year or 1 million immigrants in the next three years. The Conservative Party is also of the same opinion. Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel said that we do not want to go into numbers. However, she also thought of bringing in 350,000-400,000 immigrants each year. The one who is talking differently on immigration is Maxime Bernier. Bernie wants to limit the number of immigrants to 100,000- 150,000 each year. “But, with all due respect, Bernier has very little chances of forming the government.” Jagmeet Singh is not going to bring any major changes as far as immigration is concerned. However, the question still remains whether we’re creating enough jobs for the immigrants who are coming here.



Demonstrators clashed with supporters outside Maxime Bernier’s event in Hamilton – Russian

WEB – Torontovka.com (Daily) – Toronto, 30/09/2019 – NEWS, Russian

Photo: (Justin Mowat/CBC)

A protest outside an event by People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier took a violent turn as demonstrators clashed with supporters and those attending. A fight broke out near the entrance of a hall at Hamilton’s Mohawk College before the talk was set to begin. Demonstrators, some covering part of their faces with bandannas or balaclavas, carried signs that read “White supremacy is terrorism” and “Refugees welcome here.” The event was a roundtable discussion on free speech involving Bernier and American political commentator David Rubin. Speaking to reporters after the event, Bernier lamented the disturbance outside and said his party and his policies are misunderstood. “For me, that was the first experience and I must admit that I didn’t like it. It’s not Canadian,” he said of the epithets hurled by protesters. Bernier has denounced “mass immigration” and “extreme multiculturalism,” and has promised to dramatically reduce the number of immigrants admitted to Canada, saying the country should look after its own citizens first. He has also said climate change does not pose an imminent threat. Bernier, who was greeted with a standing ovation, touched on those positions in a discussion at Mohawk College. Just days after massive climate change rallies took place across the country, Bernier described the issue as a “religion” and said he hoped people would soon “wake up.” A segment of the crowd booed when a moderator mentioned teen activist Greta Thunberg, who spearheaded the movement. Bernier also vowed to repeal the Canadian Multiculturalism Act and promote Canadian culture and values.

A few words about today’s climate change rally in Toronto – Russian

WEB – Torontovka.com (Daily) – Toronto, 27/09/2019 – NEWS, Russian

Toronto’s young and old diversity votes to save the earth – Photos by diversityvotes.ca

The online event page for the rally calls on the government to “treat the climate crisis like the emergency it is.” The “climate strike” was inspired by European teen Greta Thunberg. Earlier this week, the 16-year-old criticized world leaders at the UN Global Climate Action Summit in New York City. “How dare you!” she said in front of numerous heads of state. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.” Last year, Thunberg began staging solo climate strikes in Sweden. Since then, tens of thousands of students — in more than a dozen countries — have taken part in “Fridays for Future” strikes. In response to the rally, Ontario’s Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks Jeff Yurek said in a news release that he recognizes “all the young Ontarians who are making their voices heard on the serious issue of climate change.” “I am proud to say that Ontario is leading the way when it comes to fighting climate change in Canada,” he said. Mayor John Tory said last week that he will move a motion at council for Toronto to join 800 other governments around the world in declaring a climate emergency. Tory said he would lead the charge in “naming, framing and deepening Toronto’s commitment” to protecting the city’s community, economy and ecosystems from climate change.


Climate strike heating up election grounds – Punjabi

PRINT – Canadian Punjabi Post (Daily) – Toronto, 27/09/2019 – EDITORIAL, Punjabi

Today, (September 27) is the last day of a series of international strikes and protests that started on September 20 to demand action be taken to address climate change. Climate change is a bitter reality in Canada. Various surveys show that about 66% of youth between 18 to 29, are in favour of ending the use of fossil fuels or reducing them on a large scale. Political parties can no longer ignore it. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have promised to attend this march. However, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will stay away from it and is busy with his election campaign. He has promised that his Tory candidates in local ridings will attend the march. However, it’s always important for a leader to be present on such important issues. His absence can arouse anger among the Canadians who are very sensitive to this issue. At present, people like to support Trudeau on the climate issue. However, the NDP and Green parties will also succeeded in impressing the voters on this issue. Now, it will all depend on voters’ understanding of the climate change issue.

Trudeau: will the re-election of Trudeau be a disaster for Canada? – Chinese

WEB – westca.com (Daily) – Surrey, 25/09/2019 – COMMENTARY,  Chinese

Gao Du Jian Wen – If you do not punish a leader who has a trail of scandals, if voters “are lenient towards the villains and let them grow,” you must bear the consequences of bad politics. In the absence of dramatic changes, the key to deciding this federal election lies in the neutral voters who have not yet made a decision, or it can be voters who are outside the scope of party support. Many of these people are Chinese immigrants. In this regard, we can put forward some arguments and give some voting recommendations to the neutral voters. The author said that from his standpoint, there are three main reasons why he would not choose Trudeau. First, he believes that a change of party, or political party rotation, will only make things better, not worse. Secondly, he thinks the rotation of political parties is the norm, there is no eternal ruling party. Lastly, the most fundamental principle of political party rotation is to punish bad rulers. Trudeau has already met all the conditions of a bad politician. The author provided details to support his three reasons.

‘China card’ will not affect the federal election – Chinese

WEB – Sing Tao Vancouver – Vancouver, 24/09/2019 – FEATURE, Chinese

Mu Ran – Speaking of the hearing into the Meng Wanzhou extradition case, the author says he does not agree with Bloomberg’s comments that the “hearing” will affect the federal election, on the grounds that the Chinese-Canadian community is a mature community that clearly separates politics from people’s livelihoods. In addition, during the election the Trudeau government is carefully maintaining a distance from “China topics.”

Canadian reflections: One thousand and the vote – Romanian

PRINT – Agenda Romaneasca – Kitchener, 19/09/2019 – COLUMN, p. 2, Romanian

Raul Dudnic – The author (satirically) says that he thinks he will run in the next election as an independent. He doesn’t think any party will accept his simple platform: one thousand and the vote. Simpler than this is not possible: he promises that, if he were chosen, he would initiate a bill through which every Canadian citizen of age would receive one thousand dollars per month. Where would the money come from? We’ll live and we’ll see. What is happening right now in the election campaign is not far from (this idea of) “we’ll live and we’ll see”. All parties make promises on top of promises, but no one has explained where the money will come from to reduce taxes, for all kinds of benefits for mothers and fathers, for new homes, and for other benefits. The Liberals promised in the last campaign that they would balance the budget in 2019. They have three months until the end of the year to find $14 billion. That’s if they still have the rest of the year. The Conservatives promise to cut taxes for those with annual incomes below $47,000. The cost? Six billion dollars, billions all from the public purse.

Interview with Anita Vandenbeld – Somali

RADIO – CKCU FM 93.1 Voice of Somalia (Weekly) – Ottawa, 22/09/2019 – INTERVIEW,  Somali

Image Credit: CKCU FM 93.1 Voice of Somalia

Yahya Ahmed, from Voice of Somalia, sat with Liberal Member of Parliament for Ottawa West, Anita Vandenbeld. The two discussed Vandenbeld’s political career, why she should be re-elected and the reason she’s in politics. She goes on to share a heartfelt story of an immigrant mother she was able to help reunite with her daughter. The program ends with highlighting the importance of voter participation and engagement. “There are immense benefits and importance in participating in local politics and choosing who is best to represent you. Somalis need to be aware of what is taking place around them and who is a foe or ally in terms of politics. Vandenbeld in particular has done a lot for Somalis and promises to continue to do so.”

‘We need immigrants’ is the message from Canadian companies to J. Trudeau – Spanish

PRINT – Journal Comercio Latino (Weekly) – Montreal, 17/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Spanish

Eva Rojas says that unlike in the US, where many companies consider immigration to be a threat, Canadian companies widely support Justin Trudeau’s proposal to increase the number of immigrants and refugees allowed in the country each year to approximately 1% of the population. With unemployment at 5.4%, the lowest level since comparable data were published for the first time in 1976, Canada needs workers. A report from June 25 shows that the lack of agricultural workers in the country is costing thousands of dollars and this is expected to increase in the next decade. Despite this fact, some politicians are pressuring to reduce the number of refugees and immigrants who come to Canada every year.


Immigration: The elections will not have a major impact on Canada’s immigration system – Spanish

PRINT – El Centro (Weekly) – Toronto, 20/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Spanish

Rodrigo Díaz M. comments that judging by immigration policies since the late 1980s, when the Conservatives decided to double immigration levels, it is reasonable to infer the main components of the immigration system will remain stable regardless of whether the Tories or Liberals win the next federal election. Both parties are prepared to keep immigration levels high, which suggests funding for settlement services will not be affected in great measure. The Liberals and Conservatives differ on issues like citizenship policy and economic class immigrants versus refugees. For the most part, however, they have much more in common on immigration than one might think. This leads one to believe that the Canadian immigration system will continue in the path it has over the last decades – which have seen the country raise immigration levels and invest in global talent.

Old photo surfaces of Trudeau in blackface – Spanish

RADIO – CHIN 91.9 FM Spanish  – Toronto, 19/09/2019 – COMMENTARY, Spanish

  Image credit: Dimensh at https://imgbin.com, text provided by diversityvotes.ca


Silvia Mendez, Fabian Merlo – An old photo of Justin Trudeau with his face painted dark has emerged, causing a political storm. It was taken in 2001 at a party when he was a teacher at a school in Vancouver and it has appeared in the midst of the election campaign. Radio host Fabian Merlo said that one can draw many conclusions from this, some more informed than others. He said there are people who are a lot more evolved than us and they regard this as a big insult. For example, there has been a lot of criticism in recent years against people who dress up as someone of another race or religion during Halloween because it’s seen as a lack of respect.

Radio host Silvia Mendez said it’s a complicated subject since in the end they are just colours and one colour isn’t better than another. She said it’s a bad take-off because in 2001 Justin Trudeau didn’t know he was going to be prime minister. Fabian Merlo said your past condemns you. Silvia Mendez said it’s like the situation with Andrew Scheer’s past comment on gay marriage, because it’s what Trudeau and Scheer thought years ago. The problem is only if that’s what you continue to think today. Fabian Merlo said what happened with Trudeau is not like sexual assault, which is an example of something that does not get pardoned as time passes. If your uncle sexually abused you 30 years ago, and you denounce him today, the police will come for him if there is sufficient evidence. Fabian Merlo asked if we should be placing Trudeau’s blackface 18 years ago on the same level as a sexual assault.

Silviz Mendez said she better not run for prime minister in the future because there is an old photo of her dressed as Robert Smith from The Cure, and it could be said she is making fun of the British. Silvia Mendez wonders how long a photo should haunt someone, although this of course doesn’t excuse Trudeau. Fabian Merlo said all this brings up the big philosophical debate of whether we can condemn the different moral and life conceptions of the past through the lens of today.

Many Chinese people actually support the political party that wants to cut Canada’s immigration quota by 70%? – Chinese

WEB – yorkbbs – Toronto, 17/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese


An article from Mei Jia Bi Du (Canada and U.S. must read) was found on yorkbbs. The article commented on People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier’s announcement of the People’s Party’s immigration policy outline. If the People’s Party gets elected and can form government, then Canada’s immigration numbers will be lowered to between 100,000 and 150,000 per year, which would be far lower than the Liberal government’s plans to reach 340,000 by 2020. This means that the annual immigration quota that Bernier is calling for is a reduction of up to 70% when compared to the current Canadian government’s quota. It’s very interesting that the People’s Party has attracted a considerable amount of support from Chinese Canadians. In fact, in the past few years, from opposition to the Ontario sex ed curriculum, to anti-immigration and refugee protests triggered by the Marrisa Shen case, to opposition to resettling refugees in Markham, the anti-immigration and anti-progressive voices of Chinese immigrants are quite loud.


Next month, there may be big changes to the immigration policies. What should Chinese immigrants care about?

WEB – yorkbbs – Toronto, 14/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

An article from BCbay(.com) was found on yorkbbs. The article reported on a Chinese immigration intermediary firm’s analysis saying the Liberal Party has always been open to immigration. It was noted in this article that the Liberal Party’s policy agenda has to do with lowering the immigration threshold, and increasing immigration numbers. According to the immigration intermediary firm’s analysis, if the Liberal Party continues to be in office, it would be the best news for Chinese people who plan to immigrate to Canada. When a different political party takes office, it oftentimes would introduce new immigration policies. Historically, the Conservative government also likes to make changes to the immigration policy. The immigration intermediary firm thinks that if the Conservative Party were to take office, then immigration policies will most likely be tightened, and it will be harder to immigrate.

Federal elections: Serious issues are being ignored for trivial accusations – Punjabi

PRINT – Canadian Punjabi Post (Daily) – Toronto, 17/09/2019 – Editorial, Punjabi


This editorial columnis about the attitude of various political parties who are indulging in petty accusations and cross accusations against the candidates to advance their vested interests, while many serious issues like the exit of foreign companies from the oil sands, immigration reforms and increasing budget deficits are being side-lined. The writer is of the opinion that perhaps political parties are indulging in paltry accusations against each other’s candidates just to divert the public attention from the serious issues facing the country and also to gain cheap popularity in view of the forthcoming elections. Recently, the Liberal party raised the issue of a tweet about homosexuals by Conservative candidate Arpan Khanna. Khanna had tweeted about homosexuals about nine years ago, when he was a student. Now,he has become an experienced politician and has also tendered an apology about the incident. But the Liberal party is raising this issue. Political parties are finding it easier to come into the limelight by accusing other candidates rather than debating more serious issues. In 2015, Conservative candidate Jagdish Grewal, who is the editor of the Canadian Punjabi Post, lost his candidacy due to such petty issues. The writer further says that politicians and political parties should rise above the petty issues to work to resolve the real, more serious issues facing the country rather than involving the public in cheap mudslinging games.Political parties are finding it easier to come into the limelight by accusing other candidates rather than debating more serious issues. In 2015, Conservative candidate Jagdish Grewal, who is the editor of the Canadian Punjabi Post, lost his candidacy due to such petty issues. The writer further says that politicians and political parties should rise above the petty issues to work to resolve the real, more serious issues facing the country rather than involving the public in cheap mudslinging games.Political parties are finding it easier to come into the limelight by accusing other candidates rather than debating more serious issues. In 2015, Conservative candidate Jagdish Grewal, who is the editor of the Canadian Punjabi Post, lost his candidacy due to such petty issues. The writer further says that politicians and political parties should rise above the petty issues to work to resolve the real, more serious issues facing the country rather than involving the public in cheap mudslinging games.more serious issues facing the country rather than involving the public in cheap mudslinging games.more serious issues facing the country rather than involving the public in cheap mudslinging games.