Andrew Scheer needs to drop Ghada Melek – quickly – Muslim

PRINT – al Ameen Post (Twice Monthly) – Surrey, 30/08/2019 – English

Image source: Al-Alamein Post

Ibrahim Hindy comments: “What does Ghada Melek, the federal Conservative candidate for Mississauga-Streetsville, have in common with Coalition Avenir Quebec parliamentarians?” His answer is the same misguided belief that religious symbols and public spaces in Canada are somehow in conflict. The same divisive and discriminatory politics that turned Quebec’s infamous Bill 21 into law last month are now springing up in Mississauga. Andrew Scheer said he would never support a bill that banned religious symbols at the federal level if he were prime minister. So why is he supporting an Ontario candidate who seems to uphold the banning of some religious symbols in public? It seems, however, that in Eastern Canada, such values are increasingly under threat. Melek spent a good part of 2018 advocating against the presence of the hijab on Mississauga city buses. A number of Melek’s tweets from 2013-2014 cited articles from a number of Islamophobic outlets. The posts reflect her deeply troubling views and her willingness to employ extreme-right tropes to further false, dangerous and irresponsible views of Muslim communities living in the west. Perhaps the most troubling parts of these developments is that Melek’s problematic views are being met with silence from leader Andrew Scheer and the federal Conservative Party, who seem disinterested in investigating her condemnation by the provincial Conservatives in 2018. [ note: Ms Melek is Coptic]

Parties and Leaders Series Wrap Up

Over the past week has taken an in-depth look at ethnic media coverage on the five main federal parties and their leaders: Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May and Maxime Bernier.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, and People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier and their parties are all racing to name candidates for all 338 federal ridings. The Hill Times file photographs by Andrew Meade

See below to find out how all five party leaders fared in the ethnic media as summer comes to a close:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer (Part 1)

Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer (Part 2)

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh

Green Party leader Elizabeth May

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier



Federal election less than two months away – Korean

PRINT – CNDreams – Calgary, 23/08/2019 – COLUMN – Korean

Canadian voters pick three major issues for the federal election: job creation, healthcare and climate change. Forty-two percent of voters define climate change as a national disaster and 70% support the Green New Deal, aiming to increase green energy use. Although the carbon tax imposed by the Liberals is a political hot potato, voters are likely to ask more questions regarding climate change in the election.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said, “Carbon tax can’t stop wildfires in Alberta and BC”, but forest experts warn that climate change makes wildfires happen more often, widely and fiercely. However, right-wing populism, which underestimates the threat of climate change, is coming to the front of global politics and Canada is no exception.

Followed by the US and Europe, the Conservatives in Canada are likely to win the federal election because the economy and jobs are a priority for voters and would pave the way for right-wing populism to thrive. The Conservatives misguide people to believe that pipelines can create jobs and they ignore the economic potential of green energy, transition policies and the disastrous effects of climate change as a whole. The best strategy to fight right-wing populism is not wishy-washy liberalism, but having a social democratic party which can bravely and confidently deal with issues such as climate change, an unstable economy and worsening inequality.

Ethnic media spotlight on Bernier


People’s Party of Canada Leader Bernier kicks off campaign – Chinese

WEB – – Toronto, 27/08/2019 – COMMENTARY,  Chinese

Radio Canada International’s Wu Wei says that in this upcoming federal election, it might be tough for Bernier to win in his home riding, because his Conservative party rival is popular. One of Bernier’s campaign promises is to lower the number of immigrants Canada accepts to between 100,000 and 150,000 per year. His riding’s reaction to this is mixed. On one hand, local residents don’t have experience getting along with immigrants, and many people don’t like the intake of immigrants and refugees. However, on the other hand, labour shortages in this region are getting increasingly serious and there’s a need to attract foreign labour.

Bernier said that his party is the alternative option that conservative Canadians have long waited for. One commenter agrees with the People’s Party’s idea, but still has to vote for the Conservative Party. Otherwise, this commenter thinks that if the Potato (Trudeau) Liberals don’t fall, then everyone will suffer. Another commenter’s top priority for this year is to vote for the Conservative party. This commenter says that making Potato (Trudeau) step down is a top priority. This commenter says four years later, if Prime Minister Scheer’s Conservative Party makes no reform efforts and falls into political correctness involving diversity and inclusiveness, then this commenter would vote for the People’s Party. This commenter thinks that things can only be accomplished if one dares to toss out political correctness.


The West is yelling at Chinese people to go back, anti-immigrant advertisement shows up publicly, Canada has already turned to the right – Chinese

WEB – – Vancouver, 24/08/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

Since Trump was elected, American populism has been gaining popularity. The heavy colours of anti-globalism and high-level nationalism can be detected everywhere. Now, this demonic wind has blown into Canada. Racism and anti-immigration sentiment are making people very worried. On August 23, a Chinese mother and daughter’s car was hit by a Caucasian woman in Richmond, BC. This woman not only did not apologize, she made some extremely aggressive racial discriminatory comments such as “go back to China where you belong, you…China lady.” She used very repulsive language. This incident was recorded on video and posted on Wechat. The police has intervened in this incident.

Recently, an anti-immigration message was used as a slogan by a Canadian political party. A billboard that features “say no to mass immigration” is calling on people to vote for the People’s Party of Canada. A lot of people wonder why this billboard was approved; it is blatant racial discrimination. The PPC said they are not involved in the installation of the billboard and the billboard is not a PCC advertisement. It was proposed by a third party. The billboard shows that the advertisement was paid by True North Strong and Free Advertising Corp. This company submitted interim financial returns with Elections Canada that show it spent nearly $60,000 on the billboard. This billboard is featured in Vancouver, Ottawa and Winnipeg.


Panneaux retirés : Bernier blâme une « meute gauchiste totalitaire » – Haitian

RADIO – CPAM 1410 AM – Reveil Matin – Montreal, 27/08/2019 – NEWS, French

Pierre Emmanuel:  Maxime Bernier blâme une « meute gauchiste totalitaire » pour la décision de retirer des panneaux publicitaires faisant la promotion de sa position controversée en matière d’immigration. M. Bernier a déclaré que le seuil de 350 000 immigrants que le Canada accepte chaque année devrait être réduit. La plateforme de son parti indique que cela fait gonfler les prix des logements et incite les autres partis politiques à utiliser l’immigration de masse comme un moyen d’acheter des voix chez les communautés d’immigrants.

Ethnic media aim to help maintain boost in voting by new Canadians – Chinese

WEB – Sing Tao Vancouver (Daily) – Vancouver, 24/08/2019 – NEWS, Chinese

Zuhair Alshaer, the editor-in-chief of an Ottawa-based Arabic community newspaper, has been calling on Arabic-speaking Canadians to kick isolation and get involved in Canadian politics

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, and Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen attend a basketball clinic with local youth, hosted by President of the Toronto Raptors Masai Ujiri in Toronto on Saturday, April 6, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Statistics Canada figures show that the voting rate of immigrants from West Central Asia and the Middle East increased to 73 per cent in the 2015 election; this may be related to encouragement (to vote) by some ethnic media. Zuhair Alshaer, the editor-in-chief of an Ottawa-based Arabic community newspaper, has been calling on Arabic-speaking Canadians to kick isolation and get involved in Canadian politics. Alshaer, a Palestinian immigrant who came to Canada 20 years ago, is hoping that his monthly newspaper will connect the Arabic-speaking community with federal politics and encourage more people to cast a ballot on Oct. 21.

Liberal MP Omar Alghabra pointed out that many new immigrants often face a lot of pressure in their first few years in Canada. They are more concerned about their livelihoods, which reduces their willingness to vote. Algabra said that it may take several years for new immigrants to settle down, but he will explain to new immigrants that the (outcomes of the) election will have an immediate impact on their lives and it is important to everyone.

Canada’s popular newspaper under fire for its controversial comment on Jagmeet Singh – Punjabi

PRINT – Hamdard Daily – Toronto, 24/08/2019 – News, Punjabi

Canada’s most highly circulated newspaper, The Toronto Star, has come under some serious heat for an insensitive tweet about NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Canada’s most highly circulated newspaper, The Toronto Star, has come under some serious heat for an insensitive tweet about NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. A now-deleted tweet about him says, “What issues are close to your heart? Where is the best place to get butter chicken roti? The people want to know.” The Sikh community was quick to cry foul, saying that the tweet ranged from being insensitive to flat-out racist. The tweet only increases in its ridiculousness once one realizes that Singh is a practising Sikh, which means that he abstains from eating meat.

Only 60 days are left until the federal elections, and during this time, any racial comment against a particular religion can change the community’s mind. Generally, the Punjabi community has been called Liberal supporters. During the 2015 general elections, 18 Punjabi MPs were elected, and four of them became cabinet ministers. However, now that Jagmeet Singh has been targeted from a religious angle, the possibility of change in the situation cannot be ruled out.

Garnett Genuis talks at Radio FM – Punjabi

RADIO – Red FM 106.7 Good Morning Calgary – Calgary, 22/08/2019 – PHONE IN,  Punjabi

Source: @GarnetGenuis

On the phone with Radio Calgary, Garnett Genuis, Conservative MP for Sherwood Park and deputy critic for foreign affairs, said the denial of the meeting demanded by the Conservative Party to allow ethics commissioner Mario Dion to present his report on the SNC-Lavalin affair is just an another example of the cover up. He said that the ethics committee has also expressed frustration that cabinet confidence was not waived. Genuis further said that the ethics commissioner was also refused the ability to testify publicly on his report.

So the people should be asking what the government has to hide here, and if they really thought they had done the right thing. The people will ask themselves a question when they will go for polls in October: “Do they want a government with a prime minister who breaks the law?” Or, “Do they want a different government which sends a clear message that this kind of behaviour will not be acceptable for Canada?” added Genuis. When asked about his next course of action on this issue, Genuis said that we will make the case to Canadians during the federal elections that these types of Liberal scandals should not be endorsed with their votes and we will also make the case that the Liberals’ focus on covering up for themselves has distracted them from actually focusing on the interests of Canadians.

Markham-Thornhill Conservative Party candidate Alex Yuan opens campaign office – Chinese

WEB – Van People – Vancouver, 20/08/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

Alex Yuan at the Bayview Hill Community Centre, July 21 2019, source:

Lai Gao – Federal Conservative Party candidate Alex Yuan opened his campaign office this past weekend, and received support from many residents. Guests included Canadian senator Victor Oh, Conservative MP Peter Kent, Ontario MLAs Vincent Ke, Logan Kanapathi, and Aris Babikian, former politician Chungsen Leung, Markham City Councillor Andrew Keys, and Don Valley East riding candidate Michael Ma.

Yuan was active in the community in the past ten years, providing service to the vulnerable people. Yuan is confident about this year’s election. Ever since he successfully obtained the nomination as a candidate, he has been going from door to door to gain support. The reactions received were all positive, and his campaign is gaining more volunteers who are local residents. He shared his door knocking experience, and said that voters are most concerned that the Liberal government’s policy may mess up the existing peace and societal order. They are afraid that the legalization of marijuana will lead to loose regulation of other more damaging drugs. Voters are concerned that the Liberal government will not be able to control the border and that we will see an increase in illegal border crossers entering Canada. Yuan promised to bring change to Markham-Thornhill by removing the Liberal government. He asks the riding’s residents to use their personal networks to help the Conservative Party defeat the useless Liberal government.



SNC-Lavalin: Fatal scandal – Russian

WEB – Russian Express – Toronto, 16/08/2019 – COMMENTARY, Russian

Writing about Canada’s Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion’s report in a Russian community weekly, A.Gladkov says it could result in the loss to the federal and provincial Liberals of much-needed votes. The writer says the political interests of the ruling Liberal Party dictated its role in the SNC-Lavalin case. As a politician and lawyer, Wilson-Raybould perfectly understood that agreeing with a backstage solution to the issue would be against the law. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer again called on the federal police to investigate the scandal. The author says that if the RCMP launches an investigation, the defeat of the Liberal Party in the October election is guaranteed. The SNC-Lavalin scandal will clearly be fatal for Trudeau’s political career. “Will it become fatal for the Liberal Party, and what should the party do to prevent this from happening?” asks the author. He continues, “If Trudeau’s main concern were the victory of his party in the election, he would take responsibility for this scandal, apologize, and resign. He would also recommend Jody Wilson-Raybould, who demonstrated her honesty and integrity, as the new leader of the party. However, Justin Trudeau is likely blinded by his own splendor, and he does not see the real state of affairs, which will become clear after the vote count in October.”

Etobicoke Centre candidate Ted Opitz on community values – Polish

PRINT – Puls – Mississauga, 16/08/2019 – INTERVIEW, Polish

MP Ted Opitz at the exhibition of Polish Institute of National Remembrance, May 17, 2013. Source: Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto

Zbigniew Jemiola interviewed Ted Opitz, a Polish-Canadian conservative candidate for Etobicoke Centre and asked why Opitz decided to run again in the upcoming federal election. Ted represented the riding of Etobicoke Centre as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada in the House of Commons of Canada from 2011 to 2015. Opitz says that he is running again in the upcoming elections as he is sure that he will be able to help strengthen democracy and Canadian’s reputation – that Justin Trudeau destroyed. According to Opitz, the biggest difference between the Conservative party and the Liberal party is that the Conservative party believes in people and that people know more than the government what is good for them. Opitz relies on his military background, where no one gets left behind. Opitz says that he knows that politicians are often perceived in a negative light, but elections are an indispensable condition for democracy. He also said that Trudeau disappointed people. Trudeau said in the past that he admires the Chinese dictatorship, and statements like this don’t have to be explained to Polish people that know too well the meaning of communism. Polish people have to stop supporting Justin Trudeau, as he doesn’t represent Polish values, Opitz says. On the other hand, Andrew Scheer is a devoted Catholic with five children, from a hard-working family who shares the values dear to the Polish community.