Canadian reflections: One thousand and the vote – Romanian

PRINT – Agenda Romaneasca – Kitchener, 19/09/2019 – COLUMN, p. 2, Romanian

Raul Dudnic – The author (satirically) says that he thinks he will run in the next election as an independent. He doesn’t think any party will accept his simple platform: one thousand and the vote. Simpler than this is not possible: he promises that, if he were chosen, he would initiate a bill through which every Canadian citizen of age would receive one thousand dollars per month. Where would the money come from? We’ll live and we’ll see. What is happening right now in the election campaign is not far from (this idea of) “we’ll live and we’ll see”. All parties make promises on top of promises, but no one has explained where the money will come from to reduce taxes, for all kinds of benefits for mothers and fathers, for new homes, and for other benefits. The Liberals promised in the last campaign that they would balance the budget in 2019. They have three months until the end of the year to find $14 billion. That’s if they still have the rest of the year. The Conservatives promise to cut taxes for those with annual incomes below $47,000. The cost? Six billion dollars, billions all from the public purse.

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