Canadian Muslims urged to vote – Urdu

PRINT – Urdu Post (Weekly) – Toronto, 17/10/2019 – OPINION, Urdu

Tariq Makhdoomi – Political activities in Toronto are at a peak. Every federal political party is trying to get as many seats as possible in Toronto. However, anti-Islam and anti-immigrant groups have also come up. In different areas, Muslim and immigrant candidates have been harassed. In Scarborough, Liberal candidate Salma Zahid’s posters were burned, while in East York, Nadirah Nazeer’s posters were torn. In Brampton, Sikh candidate Navjit Kaur was taken for a Muslim due to her head scarf, and hate comments were written on her posters. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was told to take off his turban. According to political analysts, anti-immigrant groups are coming up openly in the GTA. The right-wing People’s Party of Canada also nominated candidates, even though its candidates have no chance of winning. Different Islamic and social groups have appealed to the Muslim community to cast their votes and vote for a candidate who is really sincere and wants to do something for them.


Is voting a right or duty? – Tamil

PRINT – Canada Ulahathamilar (Weekly) – Toronto, 20/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Tamil

Sami Appathurai – In a people’s government, the votes cast by the people decide the government. As such, those who have voting rights become those who decide the welfare of permanent residents (who do not have voting rights), those who are under the age of 18, those who do not have voting rights (temporarily) [sic]. In such a situation, when the majority of those who have the right to vote do not cast their votes, the election victory may not be the actual victory. The person who lost in the election could have won if all those who did not vote decided to cast their votes. Justin Trudeau is trying to relax some immigration regulations, thereby enabling many permanent residents to get Canadian citizenship, and make them partners [sic]. In the meantime, new immigrants are not interested in politics. They do not care about who rules the country. Those from low-income groups also do not show an interest in politics. Some are demanding voting rights for permanent residents. Since 2004, prisoners can also vote in Canadian elections.

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