Canada won’t reschedule election because of Sukkot – Russian

Knopka – Toronto, 30/07/2019 – Russian

Canada is not changing the date of its national election even though it falls on a Jewish holiday. Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault announced that he would not recommend changing the date, which coincides with the last days of Sukkot. Chani Aryeh-Bain, the Conservative candidate for the Toronto-area district of Eglinton—Lawrence, was the first to talk about the problem.

Jewish organizations also proposed changing the date of the election. They claimed that holding elections on October 21, one of the last days of the Sukkot holiday, when observant Jews are prohibited from working, travelling, or performing a variety of tasks, including voting, discriminates against observant Canadian Jews. Perrault said he is committed to working with the Jewish community to “maximize voting options.” Most likely, Orthodox Jews will be allowed to vote in advance. The article says that despite some criticism, many Canadians reacted positively to the decision not to reschedule the election because of Sukkot. In their opinion, religion should not interfere with the conduct of the national election.


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