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Interview with Anita Vandenbeld – Somali

RADIO – CKCU FM 93.1 Voice of Somalia (Weekly) – Ottawa, 22/09/2019 – INTERVIEW,  Somali Image Credit: CKCU FM 93.1 Voice of Somalia Yahya Ahmed, from Voice of Somalia, sat with Liberal Member of Parliament for Ottawa West, Anita Vandenbeld. The two discussed Vandenbeld’s political career, why she should be re-elected and the reason she’s […]

‘We need immigrants’ is the message from Canadian companies to J. Trudeau – Spanish

PRINT – Journal Comercio Latino (Weekly) – Montreal, 17/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Spanish Eva Rojas says that unlike in the US, where many companies consider immigration to be a threat, Canadian companies widely support Justin Trudeau’s proposal to increase the number of immigrants and refugees allowed in the country each year to approximately 1% of the […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 15-21 September 2019

Given the increased volume of mainstream election coverage duplicated in the ethnic media, this and future weekly analyses will focus more on commentary, selected ridings and specific subjects rather than broader coverage. This week about 120 election-related articles were analysed. Major issues covered: Foreign interference: Coverage focused on the warnings by Canadian intelligence agencies regarding […]

Greater Access Should Be the Only Issue Regarding Abortion

Greater Access Should Be the Only Issue Regarding Abortion Abortion has emerged as a wedge issue as the federal elections approach in October, and Canada’s ethnic media are paying attention. According to Can India News, a South Asian Mississauga-based newspaper, one issue the Liberals have been criticized for is their use of women’s rights, especially […]

Many Chinese people actually support the political party that wants to cut Canada’s immigration quota by 70%? – Chinese

WEB – yorkbbs – Toronto, 17/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese   An article from Mei Jia Bi Du (Canada and U.S. must read) was found on yorkbbs. The article commented on People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier’s announcement of the People’s Party’s immigration policy outline. If the People’s Party gets elected and can form government, then Canada’s immigration numbers […]

Why the unrest in Hong Kong matters to Canada in an election year: Canadian-Chinese voices speak out

There are 300,000 Canadians living in Hong Kong as the upcoming Canadian federal election approaches, the first in which expats can vote. It’s therefore significant that Canadian politicians are making statements about the situation in Hong Kong, even if they are all talk and no action. Our Chinese team at diversityvotes.ca read hundreds of stories […]

Federal elections: Serious issues are being ignored for trivial accusations – Punjabi

PRINT – Canadian Punjabi Post (Daily) – Toronto, 17/09/2019 – Editorial, Punjabi   This editorial columnis about the attitude of various political parties who are indulging in petty accusations and cross accusations against the candidates to advance their vested interests, while many serious issues like the exit of foreign companies from the oil sands, immigration […]

41 multicultural constituencies could tip the scales

  Image source:  RADIO-CANADA / MARC GODBOUT Canada now has 41 constituencies with a majority of visible minorities. That’s eight more than in the last federal election. These key battlefields, often pivotal counties, could play a decisive role on October 21st. The Conservatives who lost most of this block in 2015 are they better placed to regain these […]

2019 Elections – Portuguese

PRINT – Milenio Stadium (Weekly) – Toronto, 13/09/2019 – EDITORIAL, Portuguese Milenio’s editorial by Manuel DaCosta says the 2019 elections are possibly one of the oddest in modern Canadian history because of the group running for office. The readers of Milénio Stadium may not recognize the names of some (candidates) but understand that these people […]