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From Multicultural Meanderings – Why Diversity and Inclusion Is a Strategic Imperative for [political] Campaigns

From Anthony Robinson the political director at the National Democratic Training Committee, on their approach (all Canadian parties, perhaps save the Bloc and PPC, do this given the large number of immigrants and visible minorities in many ridings): The rise of diversity and inclusion initiatives and organizational focus over the last several years marks an […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 4-10 August 2019

For the post-Civic holiday week of diversityvotes.ca, close to 100 election-related articles were analysed. Major issues covered included: Campaign: Campaign coverage focussed on PM Trudeau’s invoking Ontario’s Ford government cuts and implying that a Conservative federal government would do the same. The contrast with Trudeau’s commitment to wage a positive campaign and these attacks was […]

Will Ford’s policies really impact Andrew Scheer?

RADIO – CIAO AM 530 Frontline Radio  – Toronto, 13/08/2019 – COMMENTARY. Host Deepak Punj said that recently he attended an event at Anokhi Restaurant in Brampton. The event was organized to celebrate one year of the restaurant and was attended by many distinguished personalities from the media and the community. During a discussion about […]

Andrew Scheer and Conservatives promise increase in mental health and homecare funding – Punjabi

Source:  PRINT – Canadian Punjabi Post – Toronto, 12/08/2019. Description: It is very unfortunate that Trudeau’s Liberals deliberately tried to misguide members of the Canadian Punjabi Post about Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s healthcare services funding increase. Canadians, specially Bramptonians, need to depend on stable and predictable healthcare funding. Hence, in a letter to provincial and […]

Opinion: Anti-immigration sentiment is rising in Canada as well – voters should not treat the matter lightly – Chinese

WEB – Loving Sister – Toronto, 04/08/2019 – EDITORIAL.       Yao Yong An – The anti-immigration and racial discrimination sentiments in the United States have become increasingly intense under the instigation of President Trump.  Trump is undoubtedly a racist; his white supremacy feelings make him an ugly person. In Canada, we also face […]

Toward the vote, electoral campaign fails to take off – Italian

Corriere Canadese  – Toronto, 06/08/2019.    Francesco Veronesi – Employment, immigration, foreign trade and the environment are among the major questions that should characterize the current federal election campaign. Until now, however, the debate has centred on trivial issues like squabbling between the Tories and Liberals over the Canadian Food Guide and Prime Minister Justin […]

Ottawa is concerned about the anchor baby trend – Chinese

Web – Sing Tao Vancouver, 03/08/2019. As the federal election approaches, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen accepted this paper’s interview and reviewed what the federal immigration system has achieved under the leadership of the current government, as well as measures in response to problems with immigration and refugee affairs. In terms of non-resident pregnant women coming […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 28 July – 3 August 2019

For the past week of diversityvotes.ca, over 160 election-related articles were analysed. Major issues covered included: Election date: For the second week in a row, the election date occurring on the Jewish holiday coverage of Shemini Atzeret dominated coverage with the focus being on Elections Canada decision to maintain the October 21 date after its […]