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Ethnic Media on the road to where? – Portuguese

PRINT – Milenio Stadium (Weekly) – Toronto, 06/09/2019 – COLUMN, English Image source: mileniostadium.com/edicao-1448-2019-09-06/ In his regular column, Vincent Black asks what does ethnic media really mean, especially these days with most people getting their news from social media outlets. Even all major ethnic groups get their news and updates from apps that are associated […]

Groups launch petition to push for Hong Kong to become Canadian federal election issue – Chinese

WEB – 51.ca (Daily) – Toronto, 07/09/2019 – NEWS, Chinese Gloria Fung, president of Canada-Hong Kong Link (photo source 51.ca) Terence – A group of Hong Kongers in Canada want the situation in Hong Kong to be a federal election issue in Canada. Non-profit organization Canada-Hong Kong Link President Gloria Fung is trying to push a new […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 1-7 September 2019

This week about 180 election-related articles were analysed. Major issues covered: Campaign: Main issues covered factual information pieces such as campaign length, registration process for political parties (provoked by the far-right Canadian Nationalist Party), the campaign by Canadian Alliance of Student Associations to increase the youth vote, and political posturing around the Conservative video featuring […]

RADIO – CHTO AM 1690 Hulchul Radio (Daily5) – Toronto, 03/09/2019 – TALK SHOW + PHONE IN, Punjabi Photo: https://transportationnation.com Phone-in talk show host Sandeep Bhatti discusses how many truck drivers are complaining about not having enough work. Many companies have been closed. Now the federal elections are not so far away. In such a situation, […]

Singh averse to Tories, Greens waves green signal – South Asian

PRINT – Asian Tribune (Weekly) – Edmonton, 30/08/2019 – News, English Image source: https://torontolife.com/city/life/behind-the-scenes-with-jagmeet-singh/ This story quotes Singh as stating “I am simply taking a stand on principle” after a video had just been released showing the Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, speaking against gay marriage in Parliament — in 2005. The “news” of Scheer’s publicly stated […]

Liberal backbencher accuses his own government of ‘pandering’ to Sikh separatists – Cantonese

TV – Fairchild TV British Columbia (Daily7) – Vancouver, 03/09/2019 – News, Cantonese  Image – 5AAB/Facebook National Post’s Tom Blackwell’s story on South Asia-related politics again causing turbulence for the Liberal government is reported on Cantonese TV in Vancouver. One of the community’s MPs, Ramesh Sangha, who represents Ontario’s Brampton Centre riding charges that the Liberal party […]

Andrew Scheer needs to drop Ghada Melek – quickly – Muslim

PRINT – al Ameen Post (Twice Monthly) – Surrey, 30/08/2019 – English http://www.alameenpost.com/articles.aspx?categoryname=Viewpoint&newsid=10554 Image source: Al-Alamein Post Ibrahim Hindy comments: “What does Ghada Melek, the federal Conservative candidate for Mississauga-Streetsville, have in common with Coalition Avenir Quebec parliamentarians?” His answer is the same misguided belief that religious symbols and public spaces in Canada are somehow in […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 25-31 August 2019

This week about 220 election-related articles were analysed. Major issues covered: Third parties: Third party advertising dominated coverage in virtually all language groups given outrage over the anti-immigration and pro-Bernier billboards of True North Strong and Free Advertising. Coverage included Bernier’s endorsement and railing against the “totalitarian leftist mob” for the decision by Pattison Outdoor […]

Parties and Leaders Series Wrap Up

Over the past week diversityvotes.ca has taken an in-depth look at ethnic media coverage on the five main federal parties and their leaders: Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May and Maxime Bernier. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, and People’s Party Leader […]

When Liberal inclusiveness meets home-country conflict

Similar to the mainstream media, the race of the two giants, the Liberals and the Conservatives, is what catches the ethnic media’s attention. Out of the over six hundred stories related to the upcoming federal elections MIREMS identified in the ethnic media over the month of August, over half were about the Liberals and Prime […]