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Multicultural Media Sound Alarm Over ‘Fake News’

    This news analysis has been created as a service to readers who wish to follow news and commentary in languages other than English and French, in partnership with MIREMS and diversityvotes.ca. Photo by Kayla Velasquez on Unsplash   NCM News Desk Analysis Canada’s mainstream and multicultural media world may be two solitudes with little in […]

CRRF and DiversityVotes.ca – Doing the Right Thing Together

The CRRF sponsored DiversityVotes.ca to support the full development and administration of the website, the ongoing collection, translation and analysis of ethnic media election coverage along with communications to interested organizations and individuals. The project aims to match riding‐specific demographic, economic, social and political data with ethnic media election and related coverage in an integrated and easy-to-use website.” […]

Punjabi Connection: NDP’s leader’s Q&A with ethnic media highlights influence of the community

Original story source Calgary Sun Sept. 13, 2019 The ability to communicate with ethnic media is particularly important at the individual riding level, since most ethnic media are focused on specific communities, according to Silke Reichrath, the editor- in- chief at MIREMS, a group that monitors and tracks ethnic media. And like English- and French-language media, […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 8-14 September 2019

This week about 230 election-related articles were analysed. Major issues covered: Campaign: As expected, the official start of the campaign and the initial messaging and positioning of the main parties dominated campaign-related coverage. Other aspects receiving significant coverage included the fundraising weakness of the NDP, a number of information articles regarding voting registration and procedures, […]

Trudeau government says that it has created 1 million jobs in four years, but doesn’t tell how many people they have ‘imported’! – Punjabi

PRINT – Khabarnama Punjabi Weekly – Brampton, 06/09/2019 – EDITORIAL, Punjabi Photo credit: thechive.com Shonky Englandia – A Punjabi ad is running on Toronto’s many Punjabi radio programs that claims that the Liberals have created 1 million jobs in the last four years. The ad is in the voice of Trudeau’s faithful Liberal Minister Navdeep […]

The ‘boomerang effect’ of Canada’s anti-immigrant billboards in Canada – Spanish

PRINT – Contacto Directo – Vancouver, 06/09/2019 – NEWS, Spanish The billboards showing an image of PPC leader Maxime Bernier and the slogan ‘Say NO to Mass Immigration’ caused a lot of heated political debate among those in favour of and against immigration. This controversial proposal is a challenge to the basic principles of Canada […]

Petition for National Diabetes Strategy urges action in the fight against diabetes

Strategy includes recommendations to support high-risk communities TORONTO, Ont. (September 10, 2019) – In 2018, Diabetes Canada released a report on how implementing a diabetes strategy could help governments take action to help manage and reduce the risk of diabetes, including recommendations for ethnic groups who are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Although […]