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Ethnic Media Coverage Portrays Minority Liberals as Friendly to Immigrants

NCM reviewed election-related coverage in ethnic media in collaboration with MIREMS, a media monitoring service. Other than a generally immigrant-friendly outlook, a review of ethnic media Oct. 27 – Nov. 1 shows that these outlets foresee a relatively stable government — “stable as a mountain” in the description of one Chinese outlet. Canada can look […]

What to expect from Canada’s immigration system in the next few years – Spanish

WEB – El Centro News (Weekly) – Toronto, 31/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Spanish Rodrigo Díaz M. says the election of a Liberal minority government means the country’s immigration system will probably remain stable while they can maintain Parliament’s confidence. We can expect immigration targets to increase by about 10,000 newcomers a year after 2021. As a […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 29 October to 3 November

This week about 60 post-election-related articles were analyzed, overwhelmingly with respect to the overall election results and ethnic voting patterns, along with analysis of what the results meant in terms of immigration policies and priorities. Ethnic vote: Commentary in Chinese media included: “…the Chinese community should continue to reflect on the election as Chinese social […]

Liberals win minority – Greek

PRINT – Ta Nea (Weekly) – Montreal, 26/10/2019 – COLUMN, Greek Georgios S. Giousmas – Justin Trudeau and the Liberals won the most seats in the election, this time with only a minority. Four Greek Canadians have been elected in their respective ridings: Niki Ashton, Emmanouella Lambropoulos, Annie Koutrakis and Peter Fragiskatos. One Greek Canadian […]

Chinese Canadians’ thoughts after seeing this special federal document – Chinese

WEB – Van People (Daily7) – Vancouver, 29/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese Chic Vancouver – After the federal election, Chinese social media platforms have been flooded with opposing views. However, a new topic for debate has surfaced. Left-wing Chinese Canadians are blaming their right-wing counterparts for not following Canada’s values, being short-sighted, and are annoyed by […]

Election 2019: Canada lost – Russian

WEB – Russian Express (Weekly) – Toronto, 25/10/2019 – COMMENTARY, Russian A. Gladkov – The author says that in the election, Canada voted for the Conservative Party – and lost. Thirty-five per cent of Canadians voted for the Tories and 33 per cent, or about a quarter million fewer people, for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Nonetheless, […]

Reflecting Canada’s diversity – Caribbean

PRINT – EqualityNews (Weekly) – Toronto, 25/10/2019 – EDITORIAL, English Equality joins the immigrant communities in Canada in sending its congratulations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal team in winning a second term in last Monday’s election. In spite of a strong challenge from Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives, the Liberals managed to eke out […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 21-28 October

This week about 140 election-related articles were analysed, with about half prior to the election results. Major issues covered: Ethnic vote: Chinese, Italian, Latino, Muslim, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Somali and Tamil media all had articles on the importance of voting, the various initiatives to encourage voting and  an analysis of the number of ridings where […]