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From Tamil Morning – Website introduced to capture federal election related issues discussed in the ethnic media – Tamil

A website has been introduced so that Canadians could come to know about the important issues discussed in the ethnic media, related to the federal election happening in October 2019. The website, known as diversityvotes.ca, will carry stories related to the Canadian federal election, appearing in about 800 ethnic media sources across Canada. The website […]

Diversityvotes.ca announces sponsorship from Canadian Race Relations Foundation

TORONTO – The Canadian Race Relations Foundation announces sponsorship of new project: diversityvotes.ca. In partnership with Andrew Griffith and MIREMS, diversityvotes.ca will promote and foster cross-cultural communications Canada-wide. “Diverse voices in Canada are important,” says Lilian Ma, Executive Director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. “Sharing ethnic media coverage allows all Canadians to the perspectives […]

From The Canadian Parvasi – New tool launched to shine light on ethnic media coverage of election issues – South Asian English

A new tool will help voters learn what federal issues are resonating in ethnic media and the potential effect on voting in this fall’s election. Andrew Griffith, a former director general with the Immigration Department, has partnered with Mirems — a firm that monitors and translates stories from over 800 ethnic media outlets. Together, they […]

The Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management announces its support for diversityvotes.ca

TORONTO – The Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management announces its support for http://www.diversityvotes.ca. In partnership with Andrew Griffith and MIREMS, http://www.diversityvotes.ca will promote and foster cross-cultural communications Canada-wide. “Diversityvotes works to highlight the value of Canada’s diverse communities” says project founder Andrew Griffith. “Our goal is to bring attention and easy access to data […]

From The Canadian Global Affairs Institute – Check Out This New Election Resource From CGAI Fellow Andrew Griffith

Diversity Votes: Matching ridings with ethnic media to increase civic knowledge and participation CGAI Fellow Andrew Griffith has been working with MIREMS (Multilingual International Research in Ethnic Media Services) to match riding level demographic and socio-economic data with insights from ethnic media.   Their objectives are: More in-depth understanding of riding characteristics, and how these […]

Support Inclusive Diversity in Canadian Politics

Dear Friends of Diversity and Democracy, Diversityvotes.ca is an initiative to promote awareness and understanding that Diversity Empowers Democracy. At a time when Canadian politics are being polarized around immigration and race relations issues, its mission is more relevant than ever. Andrew Griffith, acknowledged expert on matters of multiculturalism and citizenship, has pioneered the venture, which […]

Metropolis Conference: Doing Immigration Differently

As a riding that is about 80% Caucasian and 10% Aboriginal with no major concentration of any other ethnic group, Nanaimo-Ladysmith does not typically capture the imagination of the ethnic media in Canada. Its recent by-election got barely a handful of mentions in the run-up to the event. However, the surprise win of Green Party […]

Analysis: By-election ethnic media reporting and diversity demographics

Andrew Griffith and MIREMS looked at over 300 news, opinion, editorial and commentary stories from Canada’s ethnic media during Canada’s February by-election campaigns. These stories provided media coverage that would have otherwise been trapped behind language barriers and bring unique stories and perspectives from Canada’s diverse communities. The highest volumes of stories came from Indo-Canadian […]