Andrew Scheer on gun control and immigration – Somali

RADIO – CHIN AM 1540 Somali (Weekly) – Toronto, 05/10/2019 – NEWS, Somali

For Somalis in Canada, following and keeping an eye on policy proposals on gun control and immigration are of utmost importance. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer recently released his proposed plans to tighten gun control and combat gun violence. Scheer promises he will take a much stronger stance than the Liberals by intercepting illegal firearms at the Canada-US border and laying down tougher sentences for the possession of illegal firearms. That said, it is important for Somalis to keep in mind that Scheer also takes a tough stance on immigration, as he is anti-immigration. This proves problematic for Somalis who are currently waiting for updates on their immigration status and for those who wish to immigrate to Canada in future.

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