Andrew Scheer needs to drop Ghada Melek – quickly – Muslim

PRINT – al Ameen Post (Twice Monthly) – Surrey, 30/08/2019 – English

Image source: Al-Alamein Post

Ibrahim Hindy comments: “What does Ghada Melek, the federal Conservative candidate for Mississauga-Streetsville, have in common with Coalition Avenir Quebec parliamentarians?” His answer is the same misguided belief that religious symbols and public spaces in Canada are somehow in conflict. The same divisive and discriminatory politics that turned Quebec’s infamous Bill 21 into law last month are now springing up in Mississauga. Andrew Scheer said he would never support a bill that banned religious symbols at the federal level if he were prime minister. So why is he supporting an Ontario candidate who seems to uphold the banning of some religious symbols in public? It seems, however, that in Eastern Canada, such values are increasingly under threat. Melek spent a good part of 2018 advocating against the presence of the hijab on Mississauga city buses. A number of Melek’s tweets from 2013-2014 cited articles from a number of Islamophobic outlets. The posts reflect her deeply troubling views and her willingness to employ extreme-right tropes to further false, dangerous and irresponsible views of Muslim communities living in the west. Perhaps the most troubling parts of these developments is that Melek’s problematic views are being met with silence from leader Andrew Scheer and the federal Conservative Party, who seem disinterested in investigating her condemnation by the provincial Conservatives in 2018. [ note: Ms Melek is Coptic]

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