Andrew Scheer and Conservatives promise increase in mental health and homecare funding – Punjabi

Source:  PRINT – Canadian Punjabi Post – Toronto, 12/08/2019.

Description: It is very unfortunate that Trudeau’s Liberals deliberately tried to misguide members of the Canadian Punjabi Post about Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s healthcare services funding increase. Canadians, specially Bramptonians, need to depend on stable and predictable healthcare funding. Hence, in a letter to provincial and territorial premiers, Scheer pledged that a Conservative government would increase health transfers and the social transfer by at least three per cent every year.

However, for Liberal MP Sonia Sidhu and other Liberal politicians, this is a misinformation and should not be believed. In 2015, the Liberals made several promises, including to help the middle class, but they increased taxes for 80% of middle class families. The Liberals brought in the carbon tax, which made home heating, gas and groceries more expensive. If the Liberals form the government again, these taxes can sky rocket. Now, the Liberals are scared under Trudeau’s leadership and are telling lies to remain in power.

Trudeau’s Liberals have disappointed Canadians and can’t be given another chance. On the other hand, Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives will protect public services and will leave more money in Canadians’ pockets so that their families can move on.

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