Ahmed Hussen, purveyor of untruths, must resign – Italian

PRINT – Corriere Canadese (Daily5) – Toronto, 07/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Italian

Joe Volpe – The Law Society Tribunal has rejected claims by an unknown plaintiff against immigration lawyer Richard Boraks and the Undocumented Workers Committee with regard to a pilot project to help construction workers – many of them Brazilian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish or Hispanic – unable to obtain permanent resident status in Canada. In 2016, former immigration minister John McCallum proposed a pilot project to address the situation of the employers and employees in question. He established a caucus committee to assist in the process. MPs Julie Dzerowicz and Peter Fonseca were initially active in promoting the project. The new immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, made all the right confirmational statements until the end of 2017. However, in 2018 he began denying the program ever existed, and the MPs followed suit. The Immigration Department began removal proceedings against applicants. As the Law Society Tribunal’s decision shows, the statements and actions promoted by Hussen and his colleagues were not supported by facts. This, Joe Volpe says, is unacceptable and unjustifiable in our democratic process. It is now up to the voters – especially Portuguese and Italians – to mete out justice for the psychological and economic damage done to the deported families and their employers. A cartoon shows headshots of Hussen, Dzerowicz and Fonseca forming a triangle with the words “Deceit, disinformation and dissimulation” in it and “Go away!” beneath it.

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