A few words about today’s climate change rally in Toronto – Russian

WEB – Torontovka.com (Daily) – Toronto, 27/09/2019 – NEWS, Russian

Toronto’s young and old diversity votes to save the earth – Photos by diversityvotes.ca

The online event page for the rally calls on the government to “treat the climate crisis like the emergency it is.” The “climate strike” was inspired by European teen Greta Thunberg. Earlier this week, the 16-year-old criticized world leaders at the UN Global Climate Action Summit in New York City. “How dare you!” she said in front of numerous heads of state. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.” Last year, Thunberg began staging solo climate strikes in Sweden. Since then, tens of thousands of students — in more than a dozen countries — have taken part in “Fridays for Future” strikes. In response to the rally, Ontario’s Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks Jeff Yurek said in a news release that he recognizes “all the young Ontarians who are making their voices heard on the serious issue of climate change.” “I am proud to say that Ontario is leading the way when it comes to fighting climate change in Canada,” he said. Mayor John Tory said last week that he will move a motion at council for Toronto to join 800 other governments around the world in declaring a climate emergency. Tory said he would lead the charge in “naming, framing and deepening Toronto’s commitment” to protecting the city’s community, economy and ecosystems from climate change.


Climate strike heating up election grounds – Punjabi

PRINT – Canadian Punjabi Post (Daily) – Toronto, 27/09/2019 – EDITORIAL, Punjabi

Today, (September 27) is the last day of a series of international strikes and protests that started on September 20 to demand action be taken to address climate change. Climate change is a bitter reality in Canada. Various surveys show that about 66% of youth between 18 to 29, are in favour of ending the use of fossil fuels or reducing them on a large scale. Political parties can no longer ignore it. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have promised to attend this march. However, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will stay away from it and is busy with his election campaign. He has promised that his Tory candidates in local ridings will attend the march. However, it’s always important for a leader to be present on such important issues. His absence can arouse anger among the Canadians who are very sensitive to this issue. At present, people like to support Trudeau on the climate issue. However, the NDP and Green parties will also succeeded in impressing the voters on this issue. Now, it will all depend on voters’ understanding of the climate change issue.

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