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PRINT – Milenio Stadium (Weekly) – Toronto, 13/09/2019 – EDITORIAL, Portuguese

Milenio’s editorial by Manuel DaCosta says the 2019 elections are possibly one of the oddest in modern Canadian history because of the group running for office. The readers of Milénio Stadium may not recognize the names of some (candidates) but understand that these people exist and may be knocking on your door to get your vote. Currently the Liberals and Conservatives are running neck to neck in approval percentage, however, if an election was held today, the results would show a minority for the Liberals. The NDP campaign has been a disaster and some predict they will lose most of their seats to the Liberals with the Block Quebecois in 3rd and Green in fourth. The temperament of this election will become nasty when the marketing of the campaign begins. All parties will be throwing money they don’t have at the country and make promises they won’t keep.We will be fighting with our instincts to try and reach an ending where our vote may count. In the end because of the quality of the candidates we may feel that our vote was wasted.



Where is the Portuguese voice??? – Portuguese

PRINT – Milenio Stadium (Weekly) – Toronto, 13/09/2019 – ARTICLE, p.7, English

Madalena Lopes says that in spite of  “Diversity is our strength”, being one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s catchphrases and one that gives many a great sense of pride, and the Canadian MPs depict the diversity of our multi-cultural society, Portuguese Canadians desire a parliament tthat better reflects their voice and experiences, an increased diversity, one that represents the Portuguese and its diaspora. Who are the Portuguese candidates on the 2019 federal roster and what will they be bringing to the table? The Liberal Party of Canada presents two incumbents MP Peter Fonseca (Mississauga East-Cooksville) and MP Alexandra Mendes (Brossard-Saint-Lambert). The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada’s sole candidate of Portuguese ancestry is Bert Laranjo (Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas).There is also Ken Pereira who signed up to run in Quebec for the People’s Party of Canada. Sadly, a family tragedy has led him to drop out of the race. It’s exciting to learn that these candidates all share a love for their community and are entrusted in the health and social well-being of their constituents. However, with Portuguese Canadians scattered all over Canada, a mere three candidates is dismal.

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