Justin Trudeau ashamed to face voters, can Chinese voters still vote for him? – Chinese

WEB – Van People – Vancouver, 10/09/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

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With the federal election approaching so quickly, voters have only a month and a bit of time to decide who to vote for. Why did Justin Trudeau set such a tight timeline? It is obvious that he doesn’t want voters, candidates, and controversies from his past four years of political performance to impact the outcomes of the election. In the last federal election, then prime minister Stephen Harper dissolved parliament early, initiating the longest federal election campaign period in Canadian history. Harper said he was confident about his political achievements, but was unhappy with the way that media attacked and dehumanized him. He hoped to use this extended campaign period to let voters understand his achievements. However, the long campaign trail caused fatigue in voters. This gave Trudeau an opportunity and voted him for change. Trudeau won by a landslide, but he was unable to keep most of his campaign promises. To some extent, Trudeau has cheated the hopeful young voters that voted him in office. Trudeau wants to get this election over with, and does not want to be involved in too many public engagements. The slogan of his campaign is even more ridiculous, where he urged voters to choose to move forward instead of revert back to the days of the Harper government. For Chinese voters, there are many that are still in support of the Liberal Party. But voters must see the differences between Justin Trudeau-led party and a Pierre Elliot Trudeau-led party, especially in immigration and foreign policies. Chinese voters who love the Liberal Party need to say no to Trudeau in this election, and give the party an opportunity to re-establish themselves. They should not allow Trudeau to ruin the entire party.


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