RADIO – CHTO AM 1690 Hulchul Radio (Daily5) – Toronto, 03/09/2019 – TALK SHOW + PHONE IN, Punjabi


Phone-in talk show host Sandeep Bhatti discusses how many truck drivers are complaining about not having enough work. Many companies have been closed. Now the federal elections are not so far away. In such a situation, what should truck drivers do? Current affairs expert Manan Gupta said that many Punjabi community members are working in the trucking industry. As far as the federal elections are concerned, many issues related to transportation have come to the surface. On one hand, the federal government is implementing a carbon tax but the trucking industry is not getting any relief. On the other hand, a lack of infrastructure is also impacting the trucking industry. Gridlock is a major issue and a lack of rest areas is also impacting drivers. These issues must be discussed during the federal elections so that the Canadian leader knows about the reality on the ground. Later, a caller said that work has not slowed down in the trucking industry. Rather, the number of workers has increased with the growing number of international students in the industry. The caller suggested pausing the international students program as the family sponsorship program was paused for two years.

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