‘Korean community will have more political power’ – Korean

WEB – The Korea Times Daily (Daily) – Toronto, 22/10/2019 – COMMENTARY, Korean

Jongsu Yoo – Jongsu Yoo, a former professor of Algoma University, writes that the Liberals’ minority victory in the October 21 federal election was as expected. As a winner, the Liberals should take immediate action on the climate change. We cannot wait until the next generation will take it over. The carbon tax may add some financial burden to our daily life, but it is unavoidable if not too late. Meanwhile, the federal Conservatives’ candidate Nelly Shin’s winning the seat in Parliament means a lot to Korean community in Canada. It would have been better if she were a Liberal candidate, but hopefully Shin will enhance her influence in politics and represent Korean-Canadians.


Word from the editor – Polish

PRINT – Fakty Czas (Weekly) – Toronto, 24/10/2019 – COLUMN, Polish

Stanislaw Stolarczyk – Fakty-Czas editor in chief Stanislaw Stolarczyk discusses the outcome of the federal election and the outcome for the Polish-Canadian candidates of the various political parties. Stolarczyk says that the two main federal parties, Liberals and Conservatives, were running neck-to-neck to the finish line. Things changed on Friday, when the Globe and Mail reported that Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party has hired strategist Warren Kinsella and his firm Daisy Group to “seek and destroy” Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada. Stolarczyk wonders if this incident affected the chances of Polish Conservative candidates to enter Parliament? The Conservative Party was represented by the following Polish-Canadian candidates in Ontario: Wladyslaw Lizon (Mississauga East – Cooksville), Ted Opitz (Etobicoke – Center) and well-known football player Peter Dyakowski (Hamilton – Mountain). They all lost, unfortunately. But Irek Kusmierczyk won a Liberal seat in Windsor-Tecumseh. Not Polish but very well known in the Polish community, Liberal incumbent Arif Virani will have a second term in the riding of Parkdale — High Park. Justin Trudeau is returning to 24 Sussex Drive as a Prime Minister, but this time he will have a minority government. Trudeau will have to look to the NDP to build a government.

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