Justin Trudeau re-elected, lots of Chinese voters came out – Chinese

WEB – Van People (Daily) – Vancouver, 22/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

After twelve hours of voting, the federal Liberals won the election with 158 seats and Justin Trudeau was re-elected as prime minister. Canadian voters were extremely enthusiastic on voting day. The voter turnout also created a new record. There were approximately 4.7 million voters seen at the advance polls over the weekend, a 29% increase from the last election. Elections Canada received 21,842 ballots sent in by international voters, which also broke the record for the most international votes. In this year’s election, the turnout for Chinese voters also saw an increase. This means the Chinese community’s voice is being heard and their opinions are becoming more important. Chinese immigrants in Canada are no longer silent and are raising their voice through this election. Now that Trudeau is re-elected, the Chinese community is hopeful that they will keep their promises and guide Canada down a good path. The votes cast by Chinese Canadians have left a mark in Canadian history. Regardless of which party gets elected, no candidate will dare neglect the Chinese community’s voice any more.

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