Election 2019: Canada lost – Russian

WEB – Russian Express (Weekly) – Toronto, 25/10/2019 – COMMENTARY, Russian

A. Gladkov – The author says that in the election, Canada voted for the Conservative Party – and lost. Thirty-five per cent of Canadians voted for the Tories and 33 per cent, or about a quarter million fewer people, for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Nonetheless, the Liberals are in power again. The trick is that the government’s fate is not decided by the ratio of votes received but by the number of constituencies won. Here the Liberals are ahead: they have 157 MPs and the Conservatives 121.

The author believes that nowadays in Canada, any party that does not agree with the replacement of legal immigration with illegal migration, with carbon taxes to save the planet, and with prosperity at the expense of future generations has less and less chance of winning the election. The author says, “All of the above is the essence of ‘progressive’ policy, and, of course, sooner or later Canadians will fully experience the consequences of such a choice.

The blame for the defeat lies with the Conservatives themselves. Andrew Scheer was unable to compete effectively with Justin Trudeau. How could he lose against the Liberal Party leader who was tarnished by high-profile scandals?” In addition, the author says, the Conservative Party’s program consists of an overblown set of promises in which key ideas are drowned. For the most part, these promises do not differ fundamentally from Liberal ones, with the exception of the abolition of “climate fees” and the restriction of illegal migration.

The author believes that in order to win, the Conservatives need a clear idea that outlines the contours of the future in which Canadians will wish to exist – and they seem to need a different leader. In the meantime, the author concludes, Canada will follow the same path: an increasingly left-wing, supposedly “progressive,” policy that actually goes against the needs and interests of most of the country’s residents.


Quebec won, Canada lost – Portuguese

PRINT – Milenio Stadium (Weekly) – Toronto, 25/10/2019 – EDITORIAL, English

Manuel da Costa – What does this election really represent? It is a minority government, which most think is good for the country, but is it? Justin Trudeau did not win the election. The other parties lost it with poorly run campaigns and policies that were not good for Canadians but to protect politicians’ jobs. This election revealed attitudes and structural deficiencies in a country that will be difficult to repair with this Prime Minister and supporting seals.

As a result of divisionary policies, the country is more fragmented than ever. The seeds of racism and separation have again seeded in Quebec, and your taxes are paying for it. The West feels ignored and unappreciated, and separatist sentiments will rise because only Quebec matters for the country. In the end, we ended up with a minority government that will fall apart within the next two years. Ottawa is a cauldron for egomaniacs, and there will be no cooperation between the parties, which do not serve the population but only themselves.

This country does not care about ethics, integrity or fiscal responsibility, so why bother with the 40 days of an election? I am going to the mountain and reflect if I want to continue to drink the same potion that is being handed out by politicians content to wave their hands but in fact giving us the finger. The act of resurrection for the country did not happen on Monday, October 21. Prepare yourselves for the usual crap.

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